Ok you guys its CYBER MONDAY! I am still traveling home from our weekend up in Moscow ID with family for Thanks giving. So i am just posting the main things! I won’t have as many examples for you to look at because we are driving and service is spotty so hard to look everything … [Read more…]


YOU GUYS!!! THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING DEALS TODAY. So make sure to look through everything! I am just going to go over some of my favorites for today. GAP!!! They are doing 50% off no EXCLUSIONS with code BLKFRIDAY. Ok i know i keep talking about Jammies but really right now they have posted … [Read more…]


You guys we have a tradition that we get Jammies for each other for christmas. That is the 1 gift we open on christmas eve. We did that growing up and it is one of my favorite memories and traditions. Also don’t judge me! We spend most out time in our PJ’s. when i say … [Read more…]