Baby Doll Any Little Girl Would LOVE

So, I have had a lot of you asking me about one of JoJo’s little dolls she takes everywhere with her. It is called a Me Too doll. They are just the cutest and softest little dolls. I just love this doll for her. It is my favorite one for her to have for bed because it is so soft. Also, I mean how adorable is it as well! This doll comes in 3 different styles any little girl would love.  So if you little girl or you know a little girl who loves dolls I am sure she will love this one as well. Get it HERE. This is also a great idea for something you could put for an easter present or in an easter basket for a little girl. 🙂 Now I have Jovi finally in bed I think I am going to binge watch some Tv shows. If you don’t do this you should its nice and relaxing 🙂



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