Cali Baby!!

So sometimes you just need a little break! I am huge on taking small vacations or mini breaks with the family. I think there is nothing better than being able to get away from the day to day shuffle. I love being able to talk a break and just enjoy each others company. No cooking no cleaning just everyone relaxing and going with the flow and doing what we want when we want. I LOVE it. So this last weekend we went to California. We LOVE California there is just something about the Cali air to us. It’s so relaxing and just the best walking along the beach and playing in the sand is so refreshing. One thing I love about Adam is that he loves to travel to we both find it important to getaway and love the ocean. That is one thing we will always do with our kids is travel. So this last weekend we went to Huntington Beach. Oh my gosh, we LOVE the Hilton on Huntington Beach. It is honestly amazing. The pool is nice a warm for cold days the hot tub is perfect temperature and the fact that your just steps to the beach are amazing. Also, they now have so many shops just down the road with lots of food choices and shopping to do. You honestly don’t even need a rental car when you are staying there because everything you need is within walking distance.

Oh my gosh you guys!! This is was the best burger it had this special sauce and grilled red peppers it was to die! As you all know Jovi and I LOVE to eat. I am just glad Adam got a picture of it. haha haha 

Beckham wanted to keep holding Jovi in the pool. She love it until he dunked them both under trying to scare Jovi. All i herd was ok Jovi here we go and then down they went hahahah. We Also LOVE renting bikes along the beach! It always ends like this though someone’s tired and Adams holding one while I am holding or pulling the other larger child and his bike. 
If you do stay at the Hilton they do offer a fire on the beach setup. They have a couple options we always just do the setup our self-option. It’s $15 a person and includes blankets, chairs hot chocolate, and everything for a fire and smores. We did this last time we were there and Beckham still talks about it so of course, we did it again. This time we had pizza delivered to the hotel just before we went out and took it with us so had pizza and smores. 

The pink sweater is from Shop Stevie for those of you who keep asking! It is amazing as well its so soft and I wear it like every day….

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We love you all!



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