Cali Trip!!

Ok now that i am doing this post it is making me wish we were back in Cali playing at the beach and building sand castles. I decided to take the kids last min to California because my family was there on vacation and Adam has a long weekend out-of-town for work. Oh am I so glad we went. Apparently I left at the best time ever because the weather in Utah was HORRIBLE I guess we even had a tornado!!IMG_4515

Also I don’t know what it is but Cali air it just does me good. There is just something about that beach air that is good for the soul. Anyone else feel that way????IMG_4609IMG_5032 IMG_5030IMG_4577IMG_4604 IMG_4724

My so if you are looking to say somewhere nice but don’t want to break the bank. Alway look on VRBO and Redweek. My dad got the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara we stayed in a 2 bedroom 3 bath for only $200 a night for a week. I can not say enough good things about the rooms. It was supper spacious and the door are so thick that you can not hear a thing from anyone in the next room even. (That is a big deal when you have a crying baby in the middle of the night!) The beds are comfortable. The only thing was the pool is not supper kid friendly it is just a pool. a very nice pool though. Nothing special about it for kids. So we got there half way through their week stay so we were there for 3 nights. Then moved to the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort for our last night. The rest of my family is stay the whole week. Lucky ducks!  He we was able to get that hotel on Redweek as well for $150 a night.DSC_0001 IMG_5024DSC_0038

We loved the hotel and the rooms of the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara . The Grand Pacific Palisades has a splash pad and pool that is great for kids though. Then they also have an adult pool with a lap pool that over look to the ocean. The rooms are not as nice but still great. Only thing is the beds are not the greatest. So its is a trade-off better amenities for kids and not as nice of a unit.  The Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara  had a beautiful Ambiance but no splash pad for kids. So they both have their pros and cons.

When looking on Redweek  and VRBO the closer you are to your week of going you alway offer people less money and they usually want to fill the place and so that is how you get a much better deal.IMG_5235 IMG_5222 IMG_5179 IMG_5150

Alright now lets talk favorite EATS! So everyone we come to Cali we there are a couple of restaurants we alway eat at. That if you are in the area you must try. Here is a list of you below.

Miguels Mexican Resturant

Knock Out Pizza (2937 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad)

Swamis Cafa & Bar (If you go for breakfast you must get the Açai or Pitaya Bowl )

Islands Fine burgers and drinks ( I love the Maui burger. Also add an egg because egg on a burger makes it amazing)

VG Donuts (This was our first time here. They have so many special donuts that were so yummy)IMG_4573 IMG_4650 IMG_4616IMG_5058IMG_5059


Also if you want a good beach we love the Oceanside beach. There are a couple of reasons why. One you don’t have to drive around for an hour to find a parking spot. There is a blue motel called Beachwood Morel on Surfrider way at the top of the hill you can park behind it and its only $2 a day!

Two you can drop off your stuff right to the beach there is a road that goes right along th beach so you are not having to walk all your beach stuff so far down.

Three there is the pier that is so fun to walk down and if you want a fun stop to eat go to the Rubis at the end of the pier they have burgers and fry’s and milk shakes.IMG_5317DSC_0347 DSC_0166 DSC_0154

MOM FAIL………………Good thing she still loved it. DSC_0151DSC_0224

I hope everyone has an amazing day. Love you all.



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