Up-Date Pony Walls To Modern Black Railing Stairs

THE RAILINGS!!!! So this change will make a huge impact on your home. This home we bought we could not really change anything. So we knew we would be doing a lot of work to a brand new home once again 🙁 not ideal but it is what it is. So I HATED these pony walls going up the stairs. I felt it off made it feel small and i just did not like the style. Our last home we had the same thing you can see HERE We had a pony wall and did a steel cable railing in it. This home now we wanted a different look. Our house is a white farm house. Our style for this home is mid-century modern farm house. We wanted to go with a black metal railing. We went back and forth if Adam was going to build it but decided we just don’t have the time. We ended up highering this out! I know crazy right we hired someone to do something. Adam did not love the idea but we just were in crunch time for getting things done so we could move in.

I am totally obsessed with how they turned out! We used a local company called Ivey League Fabrication and they did such an amazing job. If you are looking to have this done we to give you and idea we paid around $95 a foot for our railing. Well worth the money because the end result is amazing! We had to rip out the wall and do the finish work so that price is just for the railing. Adam had to do all the finish work from ripping out the wall to prepping them to be installed.

Just by taking out those pony wall and putting the new raining in really opened up the space. It also made it feel much more modern farm house and more custom. Some changes you do to your home will make a HUGE impact on the look and over all feel of the home. I just Love being able to see all the way up the stairs and it so open. One day we will move to the loft upstairs and make that room great for now its just a big open room with a few toys 🙂 One day we will also have a entertainment center So don’t mind out lovey tv stand it looks amazing we know 🙂 hahahah ONE DAY hopefully sooner then later!

I am dying at seeing these before pictures though! The carpet you see that was down I had cut down into a carpet remnant as a rug for the family room. This is the best thing to do you can even get carpet remnants for cheap at carpet stores or rc willey if you have a large space and don’t want to break the beak on a rug. Then i took mine into T & J Rug Binding Carpet store in Orem UT Phone: (801) 360-5784. They will just bind the edges for you so it looks finished. ITs a excellent cheap way to add carpet to a home with all wood floors. This cost me about $70 it it was for 13×11 I believe. 

The whole main floor is cover in the European oak hardwood. We used ADM flooring for our floors I can’t say enough good things about there flooring. You will get the BEST flooring for the best price not cheap stuff either ours is 5/8′ thick that is really really excellent quality. They will send you out samples to make the right choice. Then they will ship the flooring to your home. Ours is the Sea Smoke we did our whole main floor in this flooring. Yes the cost is more then laminate but so worth it. It’s better value for your home and they were just beautiful. They look even more amazing in person as well. This home we knew there were going to be 2 big cost right away our flooring and railing. I am SOOO glad we spent the extra money and got exactly what we wanted but it turned out perfect.

So below is all the before and after picture for you to see. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Wood flooring

Bar Stools

Pendant light above counter (ON SALE for $63 with code BIGNEWS)

Couch (ON Sale for $1299!)


Dinning Room Rug

Kitchen Runner Rug

Blue Chair 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!



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