Diff Eyewear SALE Half Off!

Oh man, I don’t know about you guys but today have been rough on me. The Monday after the time change is killing me. Especially after a long weekend working a trade show. I told Adam today we need another vacation! So today this post if for all you who keep asking about my sunglasses. Well, guess what they are on SALE!!! Diff Eyewear is doing 50% off select styles. They just so happen to be doing 50% off my sunnies I LOVE. Today they are only $37.50!!! They are the DIME-II and they are regularly $75 and today only $37.50. Don’t miss out on this awesome deal. Not only are you getting an amazing pair of sunglasses buy every pair of sunglasses they sell they give a pair of glasses to someone in need. So if you think about it your not spending money on yourself your buying a pair of glasses to someone in need and getting your free 🙂 (That’s what you can tell your spouse at least if you need to!) hahaha Well don’t miss this deal you guys they actually have a lot of cute style in this sale right now. 

Shop all sale here

Get my sunnies here

Well, I hope you all have a better more awake Monday then I have had! Tomorrow is alway better right??? Love you all.



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