DIY Prints On Foam Boards

Alright as per your request i finally got a post up for you guys for a DIY on the prints i did in our front room.

Ok so to start off I just LOVE these picture gallery walls. So I looked into having them done and the prices were like uhhhhhhh yeah i can’t afford that for the amount of prints I needed it would of cost me over $500 what I did my self for under $140! If you are not doing a lot then maybe its worth it to you to have someone else do it. If your up to doing your own its actually supper easy and I will show you how!

I got my prints done at Persnikety Prints I got 8×8 prints. I love them I feel they do a great job and the quality of the phone is awesome.

Boards are from MatBoard Plus I got the 8X8 3/16th. So just so you know if you order these and have someone do it all they cost between $9-$13 per print. The foam boards are much thicker. To me i did not feel it was worth that much more money just to have a thicker board.

Then you need Adhesive Applicator this is what you will put down on the foam board then place the print on top (Watch video to see how apply supper easy) I used about 3 total for 60 prints this one i am tagging for you comes with 3 refills. 


Adhesive Applicator

 Prints 8X8

Black Mat Boards 8X8

Scotch Restickable Strips

My Black Dress

Jovis Romper 


I hope this help you guys!!!





    Oh awesome good to know for next time! Thank you for the tip!

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