DIY Wireless Pendant Light

For todays post, I am so excited to share this with you guys. When we started to design the space in our family room, I knew I wanted more natural light. We decided to add windows (you can see the post HERE). Then once we had the windows in, I was looking at the space and I realized I wanted pendants above the windows. Well, by then we had already patched the wall and it would take some real work to wire these pendants. I could pay someone and it would of cost me at least $300 just for them to be wired that did not include the lights. Adam could of done it, but didn’t want too, hahaha he did not want to do it bottom line. We decided it was not worth it and we would not do pendants above the windows anymore…………..

Well guess what I just could not figure out a design I liked with out pendants…… We keep going back and forth what we were going to do and trying to decided how we could add pendants with out spending a lot of money to do so. We were brain storming and talking about wireless light bulbs that still needed to be pulled in then Adam had the idea what about a LED light. Those run off battery. So we came up with doing a LED light in the pendant that is controlled by a remote, rather then the light switch. We decided we would give it a shot and see how they would turn out. Next I needed to find the pendants that we liked that you would not notice that it was a LED light. I wanted something that was modern but gold. From looking you can easily go with the classic farm house cone lights because you would not notice the LED light in them and there are so many more. I keep going back with doing the classic cone farm house pendant but I wanted a more modern feel. After lots of looking I found THESE the gold ones we used and just love them.

I am so thrilled with how they turned out. The goal is that no one would ever know that these pendants are not wired lights. They still function as lights yet I did not have to go threw massive hassle of wiring them. So not only did we get our pendant lights but it did not cost me a fortune. That being said I am going to show you guys how you can do it as well. I am going to show you step by step on the ones that I bought how to make them and LED light.

You can use this same concept with a lot of pendants. You just need a pendant that dose not have the bulb as the main focus. The ones I bought were actually plug in lights so i just had more wires to cut. You can do this with just a pendant light as well. If you have any questions as well just message me!

The best and easiest is going to be to watch my video. HERE I also tried to lay it out with pictures but the video is easier to show exactly what I did. I did also try and lay it out with pictures and steps for you as well.

First thing you want to do is take out the 2 screws.
once you remove this screws you will see this plate you need to remove this just by pulling it off.
One you pull it off you will need to snip the wires.
Then just tuck the wires you cut and tuck them back into the hold so its a flat surface.
Next scrape off any extra white sticker stuff to make it so its the metal.
Next your going to take the old plate and hot glue it to the new LED light.
once that glue drys then you need to glue that back of the led to place on the metal light.
lay light flat then set new led light with plate on the metal light.
All done! Pendant lights that work but I did not have to have a electrician come out and wire them. We are so thrilled with how they turned out and hope you love them as well. Please tell me what you think about this and want more DIY’s like this one. I would also love to see if you do this in your home!
Love you all.

Gold Light Pendant

LED Light

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