DIY Wood Panelled Wall Under $85!

We have been SO busy!! We put our house up for sale are officially under contract as of Monday morning. We are excited for our next adventure just not sure what that is right now………. Some times being an adult is super stressful and no fun. Trying to make big decisions and second guessing your self and hoping you make the right choice is hard.So on a lighter note, I am finally doing a post on our Panelled wood wall in the family room! I know we did this like 6 months ago in the midst of having 12 puppies 1 dog and 2 kids and Christmas and then life oh life I never got around to posting it hahaha. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one so I am sorry it has taken me so long! So this is the cheapest way to do wainscotting. This wall cost us about $35 in wood. We were able to do it out of 1 sheet of MDF. Then your paint spackle and wood filler on top of that so total around $85. Still supper cheap! This is just a time-consuming project though. The MATH you guys that have never been my strong point. This wall takes math to make sure every box is the exact same size. I know some of you were not a fan of us ripping down our wood wall that we did a couple years ago when we first moved in……. I do have to say I love both looks but for me, i love the clean look with a texture of the white wood paneling. If you are wanting to know how we did do that other full wood wall though GO HERE and  I did a tutorial for you back in the day! 

Round 2 BEFORE




As for the walnut credenza, I am so sorry Adam built this so you can not just go out and buy it. We actually used our boxes from IKEA that we had from our other entertainment center and Adam just build doors drawers and wood legs for it. I am obsessed I am so sorry for all you who message me all the time asking where I got it. I am so sorry and I will keep my eyes out for you guys for anything close to it for you all. Also the blanket latter…… once again I am so sorry! This is solid walnut wood and I am obsessed with it i love that it matches the credenza and Adam did such a great job with it all. So let us get started how to do your own paneled wall though!

You will need:


  • Wood
  • Nails
  • Nail Gun
  • Filler
  • Caulking
  • Paint

So to start off we got a sheet of 1/2 inch MDF board. We then cut them down into strips. We cut ours into 3-inch strips.

First, measure the width of your wall.  Our wall was 145.5″ so we wanted 6 panels for our wall. So we knew we needed 7 trim pieces that ran vertical. So we took the 7 vertical trim pieces and timesed that by 3 (That is the width of each trim piece) and that gave us 21 inches of space that we had to minus out of the 145.5. Then you decided that number mine was 125.5 divided by 6 (for the 6 panels) That gave me 20.75. So each of my boxes are 20.75 inches.

Once you have determined the placement of each panel, secure the pieces of wood on the wall with a nail gun. Fill the holes with filler and any spaces with caulking and allow to dry before sanding. Once everything is all sanded then paint it to the color you want. We used High Hide White from Sherman williams in egg shell.

We cut our wood panels down on our table saw. If you do not have a table saw get home depot to do it for you.

Boxwood Tree

Couch You can change the fabric and color and the shape of the arms and legs on this couch is supper comfortable and is on sale right now for $1799.

Picture Frames

I hope this helps you guys! I love you all and thanks for following.


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