Floating White Oak shelves in Kitchen

You guys!!! So i and Adam drop everything he was doing last weekend to do these floating shelves for me. I just could not take it anymore it drove me nuts the way it looked. This area Adam and I have spent hours trying to figure out what to do with! It is just so accward and we had so many ideas spinning in our minds. We decided with so many other things to do we needed to do something simple that will make the space look better. We ended up with doing floating shelves. As simple as they are they make a big impact on the space. So this time I wanted a thinner shelf then we have done in the past. So below i will tag some DIY’s for you to show you how to achieve a similar look in your home.

We also decided to add a little more then just regular floating shelves we added the wood between 3 of the shelves so it looks more of a built in piece. We are loving it but would love to know what you guys this! Well here you go here are our before and afters. 🙂 

We wanted a white oak shelf so Adam build the shleves. Then we ended up using the a rebar method to make them floating. House Updated did a fantastic job of showing you how to do it. My only thing to add though is when you are drilling your holes in the wall have a second person so they cal help you make sure that you are drilling the holes level. The best thing to do is angle in down just a hard its easier to the the rebar down verses up if your holes are not perfect for any reason and having your shelf tip down you can fix it easily if it tip ups a little but down is hard to fix!

Thinner floating shelves.

Also lets talk flooring! I am totally obsessed with our wood floors. If you want amazing floor at a really good price you need to look into ADM Flooring. Ours is the sea smoke and we just LOVE them. They are the most perfect color. They honestly have the best flooring at the best price. I will post more on just our floors another day.

Some of my succulents are from Ikea and some are from Target. below i have linked them all for you.

Black and wood succulent

Medium size black and wood plant

white and wood succulent

small pink pot with succulent  (Real succulents)

Large pink pot with succulents (Real succulent)

Tall green plant (real plant is from Ikea)

White plates, bowls are form Ikea bundle for $19

Glass cups Ikea

Black mugs


Dinning Table Chairs

Dinning room Rug 

I hope you guys can get some inspiration for you own homes. We love you all and are so thankful for you following us and supporting us.


Because who Doesn’t LOVE upper cabinet!!!

Hey loves! Oh my gosh, I am so behind it is not even funny!! So many things I need to post for you all and I have not had the time. That’s life though! So today, I am finally revealing the Kitchen! Oh my gosh you guys, this was on my list of things that I wanted to do to this house from day 1. I’m SOOO happy it’s finally done and I am OBSESSED! I hope you guys love it too. We still need to finish tiling the backsplash up the wall where the floating shelves are but that will come soon! So when we built our home, we just went with standard white cabinets with shaker style door and I knew with-in time we would be building upper for the cabinets. I don’t know about you, but to me, there’s just something about cabinets that go to the ceiling. It just looks so grand and custom and makes the room feel so much taller and bigger. So for these upper cabinets, we knew they would not be used like ever, but I wanted them to function so if the next buyer wanted to use them, they could. So they’re functioning cabinets not just for looks. So let’s start with a quick before and after photo 🙂





So to start off, Adam built 4 separate boxes. He built the boxes out of cabinet grade plywood and then the trim and the facing and doors are out of poplar and MDF. We love Home Depot for all our wood like this. They just have such a large selection. We then also added 2.5″ poplar trim on the very top to make everything nice and closed in with clean lines. 

So for the paint, I had to make sure that the paint matched exactly with my existing cabinets. So for us, I was able to call the builder and find out who did our cabinets and contact them. They were able to tell me exactly what they used. If you need to find what your cabinet is, I would take a door into Sherman Williams and have them help you to color match it. Cabinets can be hard though depending on the type of finish you want. We had the perfect smooth finish on our existing cabinets that you will only get with a spray gun. Thankfully, Adam painted for 7 years and knows how to do all that so we were able to get the right color and he sprayed it on and it looks perfect. Looks like the cabinets were done like this from day one. 

So for the gold knobs, I did get these at Home depot. Just the round knobs they were about $1.98 each I believe. Then I did the same method as before for spraying them gold. This time though I did a top coat with lacquer i think i will take my other handles down and also do a lacquer top coat on them as well to make the last longer. Go here to see the post on spraying handles gold

West Elm Chandelier 

Handles We have them in 9 5/8 for the drawers and 13 9/16 for the doors.

Gold Spray Paint


Kitchen runner 

Dining room rug 

I love you all and thanks so much for following. We have so much good stuff coming up for you guys!! Can’t wait to show you what were up to the next couple months are going to be super busy in the Weekley house!



Laundry Room Renovation

Hey, you guys so excited about our laundry room make over! I know the laundry room is an understated room. Once you start having kids though you do a LOT of laundry! It never ends at our house and we only have 2 kids so far! So I feel if it’s a room you’re going to be spending time in you want it to feel refreshing and good rather than a total drag! So laundry room is a must am I right??? It’s always the last thing to get done in the house though. So I am super excited to have this one done! So a lot of you asked for a tutorial on the subway tile back splash.Go here for that tutorial

So we wanted something that was bright because we do not have any windows in our laundry room. So we went with a white subway back splash 2 white floating shelves and then the white cabinet. We also changed out the cheap laminate counter with the most beautiful white oak counter that Adam made. Then the floor of the floors!! Don’t you just love a good tile? Especially after going from linoleum to this beautiful white I wanted something classic and simple that would not go out of style. We went with these White Octagon and triangle slabs They will run you about $2.70 each from Home Depot. It is AMAZING I just LOVE the way it turned out. Then the white subway tile will run you about $1.89 a square foot. I got the White subway time 3 x 6-inch pieces from Home Depot. Then we wanted a dark grout for the backsplash and the floors to break it up a little so we went with Polyblend #19 Pewter It is the perfect shade of dark gray. I love how it’s so simple and clean. It really can go with anyone’s style.  



I LOVE our new washer and Dryer set! If you are in the market for a new washer and dryer i would highly recommend ours. I am washing 2 times the amount I was with my old set and my clothes are coming out cleaner.

Also IF you have a small space then the best thing I ever did was add Ikea curtain rods agents the back wall for hanging cloths to dry on. Its so simple cheap and not in the way but you can hang a lot of cloths to dry that you don’t want to be dried in the dryer. Mine went from wall to wall so I used the wall fitting’sIf you can’t go from wall to wall then get wall/ceilings brackets 

Samsung 5.2 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top Load Washer with Steam and Active wash in Black Stainless Steel, ENERGY STAR. ON SALE FOR $699!!

Samsung 7.4 cu. ft. Electric Dryer with Steam in Black Stainless Steel, ENERGY STAR ON sale for $699!

Round Mirror Gold Frame 

White Subway Tile 3 x 6 inch

Retro Octagon White Dot (Floor tile) 

Grout for Tile and Backsplash 

Bright White Tile Calk 

Mixing Paddle for grout and thin set

Rubber Grout Float 

6 in x 2 inc Notched Margin Torwel 

SimpleSet White 1 Gal. Pre-Mixed Thin-Set Mortar 

I love you all and hope you have an amazing day.



DIY Wood Panelled Wall Under $85!

We have been SO busy!! We put our house up for sale are officially under contract as of Monday morning. We are excited for our next adventure just not sure what that is right now………. Some times being an adult is super stressful and no fun. Trying to make big decisions and second guessing your self and hoping you make the right choice is hard.So on a lighter note, I am finally doing a post on our Panelled wood wall in the family room! I know we did this like 6 months ago in the midst of having 12 puppies 1 dog and 2 kids and Christmas and then life oh life I never got around to posting it hahaha. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one so I am sorry it has taken me so long! So this is the cheapest way to do wainscotting. This wall cost us about $35 in wood. We were able to do it out of 1 sheet of MDF. Then your paint spackle and wood filler on top of that so total around $85. Still supper cheap! This is just a time-consuming project though. The MATH you guys that have never been my strong point. This wall takes math to make sure every box is the exact same size. I know some of you were not a fan of us ripping down our wood wall that we did a couple years ago when we first moved in……. I do have to say I love both looks but for me, i love the clean look with a texture of the white wood paneling. If you are wanting to know how we did do that other full wood wall though GO HERE and  I did a tutorial for you back in the day! 

Round 2 BEFORE




As for the walnut credenza, I am so sorry Adam built this so you can not just go out and buy it. We actually used our boxes from IKEA that we had from our other entertainment center and Adam just build doors drawers and wood legs for it. I am obsessed I am so sorry for all you who message me all the time asking where I got it. I am so sorry and I will keep my eyes out for you guys for anything close to it for you all. Also the blanket latter…… once again I am so sorry! This is solid walnut wood and I am obsessed with it i love that it matches the credenza and Adam did such a great job with it all. So let us get started how to do your own paneled wall though!

You will need:


  • Wood
  • Nails
  • Nail Gun
  • Filler
  • Caulking
  • Paint

So to start off we got a sheet of 1/2 inch MDF board. We then cut them down into strips. We cut ours into 3-inch strips.

First, measure the width of your wall.  Our wall was 145.5″ so we wanted 6 panels for our wall. So we knew we needed 7 trim pieces that ran vertical. So we took the 7 vertical trim pieces and timesed that by 3 (That is the width of each trim piece) and that gave us 21 inches of space that we had to minus out of the 145.5. Then you decided that number mine was 125.5 divided by 6 (for the 6 panels) That gave me 20.75. So each of my boxes are 20.75 inches.

Once you have determined the placement of each panel, secure the pieces of wood on the wall with a nail gun. Fill the holes with filler and any spaces with caulking and allow to dry before sanding. Once everything is all sanded then paint it to the color you want. We used High Hide White from Sherman williams in egg shell.

We cut our wood panels down on our table saw. If you do not have a table saw get home depot to do it for you.

Boxwood Tree

Couch You can change the fabric and color and the shape of the arms and legs on this couch is supper comfortable and is on sale right now for $1799.

Picture Frames

I hope this helps you guys! I love you all and thanks for following.


Subway Tile Back Splash DIY

Ok, you guys! I am so behind it’s not even funny. Life has just gotten the best of me. I am just trying to keep my head above water most days lately. So my goal the next few weeks is to get the blog updated for you guys with all that work that we have done and helpful DIY and Tips for you guys for your next projects. I can tell you enough how much we love each of you and love all your support and love you show to us. Ok, so I will do a list for you at the bottom of all that I used for this project. Here is a quick BEFORE and AFTER for you to start! Does it not look so much better!! 

Ok, so let’s get talking about the backsplash. You guys you can do it! I believe in you. It is actually a simple thing to do just tedious. If you are doing a simple pattern or using a simple backsplash. So today I am going to show you what we did in the laundry room. We just used a simple white subway tile. I LOVE subway tile it is simple and classic looks good anywhere.  So there are a couple options for when you are you are going to buy this set. There is pre-made thin set that you can buy that is what I used for the backsplash because it was easy and I did not need a lot or want to mix up a lot. It is a lot more expensive though. It is more then double then if you were to just buy the bag of thin set and mix it up yourself with water.

So there are a couple options for when you are you are going to buy this set. There is pre-made thin set that you can buy that is what I used for the backsplash because it was easy and I did not need a lot or want to mix up a lot. It is a lot more expensive though. It is more then double then if you were to just buy the bag of thin set and mix it up yourself with water. You need to have a tool called the mixing paddle that attaches to a drill to mix it all up though. So realistically it is not much more unless you have all the tool to mix it and if you don’t have a huge area you are wanting to do.  So if you want to save hassle and just doing back splash I would jus buy the pre-made stuff. If you need to save money though the bag of thin set is also a great option and it really is not that hard to mix up and only cost like $7 a bag. You will also need a Trowel I love this one I got it is the

You will also need a Trowel I love this one I got it is the 6 in. x 2 in. Notched Margin Trowel it was the perfect size for doing smaller tiles. So when you are laying out the thin set on your tiles you need to lay it out then make sure you are going at an angle to get the grooves in the inset on the tiles. (Shows in picture below) once you get your first layer of tiles down then stagger them. So since the tiles are 3×6 then you want to take a ruler and measure the tile to be in the center line of the tiles below. On every tile, you lay you will need to use tile spacers I like like the 1/8 inc ones. You can honestly go smaller though depends on the look you are going for. So if you want less grout then i have then go the smaller spacers. 

So you can see the bottom line. That one is hard because the tile are not resting on anything and so if you keep going up and p it can cause the bottom line to slip and go down the taller you get. So we actually did 2 lines on the bottom let that sit for 12 hours then finished going up. Once you have finished doing all the tile it has to set for 24 hours before you can grout. Once you are ready to grout I used what is called a Rubber Grout Float You will use this to put on the grout. The grout we used is the Polyblend #19 Pewter from Home Depot.  I love these sponges from Home Depot when you are grouting. I like to cut them in half so they are easier to manage. Also when wiping off the grout you will go in circular motions lightly over and over and keep rinsing out your sponge and then we the grout lines look good and even I like to take a rag and wipe off the extra off the tile just forward and back. I feel it’s much faster than trying to get it all off with the sponge.

You will want to buy a bucket for when you are washing off the grout. A deep bucket is the best because then the sand goes to the bottom and the water sits at the top so you are able to wash the grout off better. I love the 5-gal. Homer Bucket They are $2.97 at Home Depot. Also if you are going to mix up your own grout get another on to mix your grout in.

Once you have everything cleaned up you will want to usually get a tube of tile calk,  to do on any edges or tops that are seen see in the picture below. Becuase I was doing a while tile I needed to grout up to the ceiling and the bottom of the table, along the cabinet and wall to make it look finished. I used the Bright White from Home Depot. I keep with the sanded grout and the sanded tile caulk to match my sanded gray grout. I used Polyblend #381 Bright White 10.5 oz. Sanded

Below are some before and afters for you guys!

I still need to do handles for the cabinets and more that will all be in another post for you once i pull the whole laundry room together and finish it! For all of you who are going to ask about the floating shelves i will do a post just on those next week for you!

Ceramic Tile Caulk

White Subway Tile 3 x 6 inch

Grout for Tile and Backsplash 

Sanded Ceramic Tile Caulk 

Bright White Tile Caulk 

Mixing Paddle for grout and thin set

Rubber Grout Float 

6 in x 2 inc Notched Margin Trowel 

SimpleSet White 1 Gal. Pre-Mixed Thin-Set Mortar OR Thin Set Morter Bag

Tile spacers 

5-Gal Homer Bucket

 I hope you find this helpful Let me know if you have any questions. I love you all thanks for following 🙂



Guest Bathroom Make Over DONE!

Hey you guys! So today I am going to show you are guest bathroom make-over that we did. This one was a super simple fix that made a huge difference. total cost was around $275. We took up the linoleum and did tile then we did a wainscotting wall with hooks for towels. Quick and not super expensive fix that makes a big difference. If we were staying in this home and had more time we were going to frame around the mirror and replace the counter with quartz and knobs on the cabinets. We just ran out of time and are listing our home for sale tomorrow!! So we went with a Retro Octagon White Dot 11-1/2 in. x 11-1/2 in. x 6 mm Porcelain Mosaic TileThen just used a MDF trim for the wainscotting wall. Everything is painted in High Hide White from Sherman Williams for the walls.  Below are the before and afters for you guys! Hope you like it. 


Grout Polyblend #19 Pewter

Shower Curtain


Hope you guys have an amazing day love you all!



Beckham’s Room MAKE OVER!!

Oh my gosh this post has been a year in the making how bad is that!!! We finally finished Beckhams Room! So to start off we decided that we want’s ship lap in his room. So first we did that wall and painted it gray. Then we wanted to give him a huge chalk board. All we did was get a large sheet of quarter inc plywood screwed it to the wall then Adam did a very simple frame around it made out of 3/4 inc plywood strips. Then we just sealed it with a clear wipe on poly. Super easy you guys! Then We painted the quarter inc plywood with a chalk paint! Adam made him a headboard we did a shiplap wall and shelves above the bed.  He loves the way it turned out so that’s all that matters.


For the shiplap wall I had Home Depot cut down a sheet of MDF for me into strips. Then for spacing I just used a penny on this wall. 

For the shiplap wall I had Home Depot cut down a sheets of quarter inc plywood for me into strips. Then for spacing I just used a penny on this wall. Also always start putting the wood up from the top and go down. that way you have full pieces at the top and then if it is smaller on the bottom no one notices.

We then made shelves for this wall and Adam also mad a headboard out of strips 3/4 inc plywood and we just did a clear water based wipe on poly to seal it. The chalk wall is also a sheet of quarter inc plywood that we screwed to the wall and then put a super easy trim around it made from 3/4 in plywood.  

I used IKEA Spice racks for the book shelves. They are perfect and cheap at only $3.99 each.

The bench under the window is from IKEA and then we added legs to it that are also from IKEA I linked it all below for you guys.

Gray paint for wall is BEGR Marquee in a semi-gloss Saltaire

Gray storage cubes 

Blue and white striped bins

Down comforter

“Seek Adventure” Art work

White cubbies Bench  

legs for the white bench

Clipped Dot Curtain panels 

We love you all and hope you get some good ideas for your next project! Hope you have an amazing day.



Kitchen Up Date & Sale On Our New Light & Get A New Faucet That Won’t Break Your Bank Account.

Happy Thursday that means tomorrow is Friday and that means weekend!! Ok, so today I am going to show you some changes in our Kitchen!! This is just the first part. We have more fun to come soon. So when we do renovations we just do one thing at a time. That is why sometimes we bounce around the house because we are just not sure exactly what we want to don’t have the funds to do exactly what we want so we wait until we do! So as you know if you have been following us for a while our cabinet handles are from Ikea. They are simple and modern and honestly the cheapest ones out there in cost for what you can get. I loved then when we first had them but over time just feeling like our kitchen is just too starchy.  So for a long time, I have wanted to do gold. I just never did it because our chandelier was chrome and all our appliances are stainless. So after and conversation with Adam we decided just to go for it. We finally found a chandelier we could both agree on (This is a big deal in our house finding something we both agree on, this is also why we bounce around because we both are very opinionated hahaha) So, I listed our chandelier for sale on KSL.Com This is a Utah site where you sell things. It is like a craigslist. Well, once I listed that baby I had 4 people who wanted it. To be honest I keep thinking what am I doing???? I love this light why am I selling it. Well now that we have it down and our new light it looks so much better just for our space.



Ok, lets talk handles! So Like i said I got ours from Ikea, they are the LANSA Handle, stainless steel rather than spending an arm and leg for new golds (Not in the budget because the ones I want are $15 EACH!) I decided to just spray paint the ones I have gold!  It took me a total of 4 hours to take off and set up and spray all the handles but I think it was totally worth it and saved us a ton of money! $8 and 2 cans of spray paint later I have brand new looking handles and in the gold color, I want without breaking the bank. Ya of course if you can afford new handles and don’t want to go through the effort of spraying them then do that as well! This was the best and cheapest option and they honestly look so good! I use Rust-Oleum Specialty 11 oz. Metallic Gold Spray Paint It is jus the perfect gold color for the kitchen. We wanted a more shiny gold and I have tried a lot of gold over the past and this one was just the best for the kitchen. We have used a more dull gold called Rust-Oleum Universal 11 oz. All Surface Metallic Pure Gold Spray Paint and Primer in One, on the office desk, handles and the handle on our built-in in our bedroom that we love as well. Also, helpful tip if you hate anything you spray or get drips then get lacquer thinner and it will take the paint right off with ease. Also when spray painting goes light it is better to do lots of light coats then 1-2 heavy ones. That can cause drips. 

Our old chandelier it was just too bulky. Our kitchen is just long so it took up to much visual space when looking into the kitchen for us. So when Adam was on board with the gold handles and we found a light that we both agreed on I knew I just had to go for it. I am SO glad I did! It is a perfect simple light but such a statement piece. So today West Elm is doing a good deal. They are doing 20% off with code SAVE20. Then also up to 70% off a lot of things. You can get our new light it is a mobile chandelier for just $223 with code SAVE20. Then if you have a local West Elm call them to see if they have what you want in stock if you don’t want to pay to have it shipped. We are OBSESSED with our new mobile chandelier. For us it just made our space feel cleaner lines and more modern. We loved our other one it was just a little to0 bulky for the way our kitchen is laid out. We wanted something more simple so we decided to change it up. I know a lof of you have asked me about my old one over time and for deals on it. Well they do not sell the chrome anymore but they do have 5-Jar Glass Chandelier – Antique Bonze for only $244, that is over $100 off if you love the antique Bronze color. We also used West Elms bulbs for this one we got the Edison bulbs.  Also For this new light, we got I do not buy bulbs from West Elm. I got 40 watts rather than 60 like it calls for it was just too bright with the 60. I got mine just at our local hardware store. All bulbs for under $15.

I am super excited to tell you about the next change! Our faucet oh my gosh I am sorry this thing has bugged me from day one. When we bought the home I just had them put in the cheapest on knowing I wanted to change it. I have not done so yet because they are expenses and I have wanted to spend money on other renovations. I  would have stuck with this thing for another year if it would not of broke! I am honestly glad it did haha. I had no choice to finally buck it up and buy another one. So, I got this baby on for only $60. I just checked today for you and it did go up a little it is $63.99 but still an amazing deal. I was super nervous buying one for this cheap! If you have looked for Faucets you know they are not cheap at Home Depot and Lowes for the Delta and other popular brands. So this one is called the WEWE Single Handle Dual Mode with Pause Function Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet, Brush Nickel  I decided for $60 I would just buy it and if it looked like crap then I would just send it back. Well, i have been so pleasantly surprised it looks SOOOO good you guys, and for the price, you can not beat it. Yes, it is an off brand but who cares it looks amazing and does a way better job than my last one that was a big name brand. This thing looks even better in person. It functions perfectly. It is crazy what even the look of a new faucet can do for the look of your kitchen. Our old one just looked so cheap to me. This one looks so nice and really changed the feel. 



So now we have new looking gold handles, new gold light, and new faucet. My total cost for this renovation was $98! I was able to take the money I got from selling our chandelier towards our new on and only pay $30 out of pocket for that new one. Then the price of the faucet and the spray paint. This just shows you that you don’t have to break the bank to make big changes in your kitchen. It is the little things if you willing to put in a little time you can totally do it! I can not wait to show you the next big thing we have wanted to do for our kitchen from day one! Hopefully, we will get it done this month! I think you guys are going to love it!

If case you were wondering what it looks like when we take pictures. 90% of the time Adam does things like this……. It takes us so long to actually get a desent picure not because of our kids but because of Adam….

Handles We have them in 9 5/8 for the drawers and 13 9/16 for the doors.

Gold Mobile Chandelier 

Gold Spray Paint


Hope you all have an amazing day. I love you all if you ever have any questions please feel free to email us or DM me 🙂



DIY Shiplap Wall for LESS!

Ok, I know you all have been anxiously waiting for this post 😉 Adam and I have pretty much done every upgrade to our house. We always have friends and family ask us how we do it, how much it costs and how long does it take. Home reno was a big part on why I started this blog. We wanted to show friends and family what we have done but also to inspire others that DIY IS POSSIBLE! So needless to say, we are very excited about this tutorial on an inexpensive way to do shiplap!

Disclamer! Adam has a lot of really good ideas. For the most part they always turn out awesome. But sorry babe, this mirror was a fail. It started out as stained birch ply, then we hated it and painted it white. That made it worst! We had shiplap on the wall to our office with barn doors, so we decided to carry that onto the back wall of our office.

Materials needed:

  • Wood (MDF or plywood)
  • Painters Caulk
  • Spackle/putty knife
  • Finish Nail Gun/compressor
  • Sand paper/electric sander (If you have one you can do it all by hand with out electric) (square sponge sander in 80 grit) also get 120 grit for hand or electric sander.
  • Primer
  • Finish Paint (We used Behr Ultra Premium Plus Ultra Pure White 7050)
  • Nickels (yes, the money)
  • Miter saw or skill saw
  • foam roller 
  • paint brush


SHip Lap 2

AFTERShiplap 21

(ugly before pic as we started to tear it off the wall)

Once you have decided on the wall/room that you want your shiplap in, find your local Home Depot 😉 Now there are a couple different materials you can use for this. We decided on 1/2″ sheets of MDF (medium density fiber) board. Why? because its fairly inexpensive and it is easy to use and paints up very smooth. For a 4’x8′ sheet of 1/2″, it is about $29.00. Now there is cheaper material like 1/4″ plywood that will run around $15-25 a sheet. We did this up stairs in Beckham’s room. We do like it but the 1/2 inch MDF is thicker and paints up better, that’s why we were willing to pay a little more for it. So you can choose if you want to go even cheaper and do the plywood sheets or the MDF. This was is still way cheaper then most other methods for shiplap. When we did our front entity we did already cut pre primed MDF and it was almost triple the cost.

shiplap 1

Once you decide on your material, have them cut it down for you. My Husband has a table saw, track saw, skill saw, almost every saw! But its so much easier and effeciant to have them rip it down for you! They put it in the panel saw and rip exact cuts every time. We went with 6 7/8’s wide for each plank. Using 4 total sheets. Our wall was 9×15.

Shiplap 3

Once home stack all the woods and sand the edges by hand with a square sponge sander. We used a 80 Grit. This will clean up the edges and make the lines more consistent.

Shiplap 4

Shiplap 6

Now some people won’t tear off window sills and baseboards. But I feel the overall finish product is much better. So to cut the caulk, score it with at razor down the lines. This makes it much cleaner once you start to pry it away from the wall. If you have window sills, start there, then move down to the baseboards. Now be careful when you do this, you will reuse the baseboard and nail back up when finished.

Shiplap 5

Once you have removed the base boards. Find the studs and mark them with pencil lines from top to bottom. So when you nail up the shiplap, you are hitting the studs. Also, always nail top and bottom of the board about an inch from the edges.

Shiplap 8

Once you have the baseboard and window sill ripped off, its time to start nailing up the shiplap! Now we start at the top. Why? So all the boards look uniform and the same width from top to bottom. It’s also more noticeable if you have a smaller piece (not as wide) up top, then it is at the bottom. Nail your first piece up and then measure the distance from the end of the shiplap to the end of the wall. Make the cut, and nail up the other piece. Make sure to but the ends (joints) as close as possible to be able to sand and spackle to make it look like one solid piece. Also, don’t start on the same side each time so that you joints never line up with the line above. So start on the left, then the next row, start on the right.

Shiplap 13

This is where the Nickels come into play! We used them as spacers. Get the next piece ready, put it up and use the nickels every 2 feet or so, so that the gaps are even. Then nail the shiplap into place. And repeat, over and over and over again!

Shiplap 7

Shiplap 10

Shiplap 14

Now we didn’t use the same window sill, instead we decided to just trim the window out. We used 3 1/4 inch trim on the inside of the window just strain cuts as you can see. Then to frame it on the outside measure the length and width and cut 45 degree cuts and nail up.

Shiplap 12

Putty or spackle all the nail holes. Then sand the spackle smooth so none of the nail holes or joints stand out. You want don’t want to see it. It makes for a much more professional finish. Adam painted homes for about 7 years, he always talks about how important the prep work is to make the final product that much better.

Shiplap 9

Finished wall Before paint with the baseboard and window trim nailed up.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 9.15.30 PMSHiplap 11

Now the fun part… not! I HATE painting! Who doesn’t right? Well Adam doesn’t… but he still makes me prime. We like to use Kills. The water based version (less stinky). Also, this covers up and hides all the pencil marks. Once finish, sand everything!

Shiplap 17

Once finished sanding, look for joints and nail holes missed, and spackle them. Once the spackle dries, sand it smooth.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 9.17.30 PM

Then calk all around the edges of the wall’s ceilings and baseboards. When calking do a consistent line and then smooth with finger and wipe excess from finger to a wet rag. If you need a video on how to caulk here is one for you.

Shiplap 18

Now your ready for your final paint. What ever color you choose, due multiple coats. We did 3 on ours. Once finished, then decorate!

Shiplap 22

And yes, I let Adam hang his Elk! Which we both love! More decorations to come and better lighting!

Shiplap 24

We hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t be afraid to try something new! It can always be changed or painted 🙂 If you have any questions please let us know!  I will do another post to show you the whole room once all complete! We love you all and thanks for following.



Walnut Dinning Table

Adam has been bugging for for over a year now to build a new table. Not only that, he wanted to build it out of his favorite wood, which happens to be very expensive (he literally has the most expensive taste)! Of course its walnut, which I happen to love also. Who doesn’t???

Anyways, we wanted to table to have clean lines, consistent color, and of course, be functional! Back on Instagram, I asked everyone if we should keep a small portion of live edge to add some character. Everyone loved the idea and said keep it. Needless to say… thats what we did. We kept the legs modern and simple. They slightly angle in 5 degrees. He actually did the opposite effect on the bench, which they slightly angle out and it flows awesome.

Speaking of the bench… if you have kids, its a must. Beckham loves it, he rarely sits on the chairs. Plus it stows away nicely and having chairs on the opposite side adds style.

As for the finish, we kept it natural. We both feel it should be illegal to stain walnut! Its natural color is so deep and rich and combined with the grain… well, thats why its our favorite 🙂 This build took Adam about a month. Between travel with his actual career, vacations and spending time with the family, it finally got done. Check out the pictures below! Its actually a very cool process to see; from picking up the rough cut walnut at the lumber yard, planing/joining and cutting each piece to size, to the final, perfectly smooth finish, that we now sit and eat together as a family. Hope you love it as much as we do.

IMG_7094IMG_7162IMG_7213Dinning Table 5Dinning table 3Dinning Table 7Dinning Table 8Dinning Table 9Dinning table 1Dinning table 2

Rug details! There are a couple places you can get this rug I got the 6’7×9 on Amazon. Wayfair, Rug USA, Joss and Main and Amazon are who carry it but Amazon was the cheapest! Here is the thing though there are a couple sellers of it on amazon so copy this name Vintage Moroccan trellis Grey Area Rugs in your amazon serch or in your google search. I have seen the price go up and down on the other sites. Amazon though has said consistently about the same.

Hope you all have an amazing day.



Family Room Make over Part 1!

So today, I am doing a post for you guys on updating our family room and de-stuffing throw pillows and re-stuffing your couch. So ever since we moved in, I have not totally loved our family room. We do a little at a time.  It is so hard for me to find things I love for decorating. So we have done stuff little by little, and we’re getting there slowly to the way we want it! So here is part one of Family room Make over!

So we have wood floors though out the whole main floor in our house. So in the family room, I could not for the life of me find a rug big enough to fit the space that I liked. We needed up going to RC Willey and getting a carpet remnent, then we had the hem the edges, so it was more rug like. I really wanted something thicker, so it is more comfortable for the kids and when we lay on the floor. I still never liked the look, I thought it needed more.

So I decided to take our cow hid rug from the office to see how we would like it. Well we love it! It just gives it that more “modern feel” we are going for. Tell me what you guys think though!

Then the Pillows… Oh my gosh, please tell me I am not alone when I have to buy a million pillows and bring them home to see how they look. Then I end up returning most of them to only be on the hunt for more pillows for the next month! I have so many throw pillows! For me, throw pillows are the hardest thing to find. So I found these pillows at Home Good in SLC. They were supper stuffed though! I personally don’t like a totally square pillow where it is just stuffed to the max and just looks like a square on your couch. So I de-stuffed them. At the bottom, I will show you how to not only de-stuff your pillow to make it look more comfortable and give it more style, but if that couch is sagging to RE-STUFF that saggy couch to bring it back to looking new! Also the bats are for Halloween Beckham and I made them today out of card stock and I LOVE them supper easy to do.


Modern Family Room

BEFOREIMG_6867Halloween BatsCow Hide RugModern Family Room 1Modern Family Room 2

Curtains are from Target On sale for $17.61 for 108 length

Pillows are from Home Goods. Here are some that look almost identical from William Sonoma Use code HOLIDAY for 20% off. Also some from OverStock that are $34.

I got the white ones in a pack of 2 for $19 at Marshall’s

Cowhide Rug I got on KSL but here is a similar one on sale

Picture Frames are Ikea

Ottoman is a vintage piece from Brigham Young Universality in 1960. I am so sorry I have tried to find one like it and i just can’t find anything! I will keep you all posted if i find anything close.

De-Stuffing Pillows

Hey you guys so i don’t know about you but i have the hardest time finding pillows I like! Not only that when i get them home I fill like they are all stuffed to the max. They are way to full for me so they just look like big squares on your couch. I like my throw pillows to be not so full. They just have a more relaxed look and look a lot better. So I keep buying these pillows and just not liking the way they look.

Then it hit me just de-stuff them!! I loved the look of all these expensive pillows have and they are more relaxed looking. So why can’t I do that! So some of the pillows you get will have zippers and you can just unzip and pull the stuffing out. Other though are all sewn up with no zipper.

So what you need to do is look for the out side sticking Every pillow has about 3 inches where it was sowed on the outside of the pillow. That is where you un-stich. Then most pillow will have thin fabric where the stuffing is inside that you will also need to unstich to get the stuffing out. This is a cheap and free fix to make you pillows look a lot better and more custom. Pillow 2Pillows 1

Re-Stuffing Couch

Ok so we have had our couch for 2 years but if you have a couch that you sit in a lot well with in time it starts to go flat. It is not look as good. So I decided that it needed to change and I wanted it to look puffy and new again. You guys its SOOOOO easy! This only cost me $20 and it took me about 25 mins to do all my cousins. I also did my sisters for her because we have the same couch and hers was about 3 years old and hers looks amazing. My sisters were more dramatic than mine but mine still look a lot better. Below is of my sister couch. They way her couch is set the kids climb over the back all the time and so that is why hers are so much worse than mine. Just shows you though add a little more stuffing and it makes a huge difference. This is the Before picture on the Left and the After picture on the left of my sisters couch. This cheap fix mad her couch look new. Also WAY more comfortable.
Couch 4So to start. All you need is Poly Fill. So I got the 10 pound box at Walmart for $20. That is the cheapest way to it. You can buy the small bag for like $5 but that adds up fast! This box was only $20 the only place I could find it was Walmart. So all you need to do is un zip and start stuffing. Just make sure to stuff all around the corners and the top stuff until you feel it is full enough. zip up and look to see how it looks to decided if you need to add more filling or not. Its just that easy!!

Couch 3

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions please let me know! I love you all and thank you for following.



Re-stuffing couch to look new Making your couch look new

Ok so we have had our couch for 2 years but if you have a couch that you sit in a lot well with in time it starts to go flat. It is not look as good. So I decided that it needed to change and I wanted it to look puffy and new again. You guys its SOOOOO easy! This only cost me $20 and it took me about 25 mins to do all my cousins. I also did my sisters for her because we have the same couch and hers was about 3 years old and hers looks amazing. My sisters were more dramatic than mine but mine still look a lot better. Below is of my sister couch. They way her couch is set the kids climb over the back all the time and so that is why hers are so much worse than mine. Just shows you though add a little more stuffing and it makes a huge difference. This is the Before picture on the Left and the After picture on the left of my sisters couch. This cheap fix mad her couch look new. Also WAY more comfortable.
Couch 4So to start. All you need is Poly Fill. So I got the 10 pound box at Walmart for $20. That is the cheapest way to it. You can buy the small bag for like $5 but that adds up fast! This box was only $20 the only place I could find it was Walmart. So all you need to do is un zip and start stuffing. Just make sure to stuff all around the corners and the top stuff until you feel it is full enough. zip up and look to see how it looks to decided if you need to add more filling or not.

Couch 3    Couch beforeCouch After

I hope this easy cheap fix helps some of you our there! If you have any questions please let me know!! Thank you for following we love you all!!




The deck is finally DONE! We were able to built the deck in about a week and then it took me about 3 weeks to stain it hahaha. You guys staining is the worst! I would work on it a couple hours a day while Adam was out of town. It took me about 12 hours to just stain it!! Oh well its done and we are in love! All in all it cost us around $2000 to do. We used the wood from our existing red wood deck top that was a 10×10. When we laid out how we wanted the tip to look we switched between the old wood and the new. Once stained we love the color variation of it.  The only thing we did not do our self was the main frame of the stairs. We actually paid a framer $150 and he came out and built them in about 3 hours for us. ( He was awesome if you are in Utah)  Then we did the railing and all that for it. Once we got everything done I sanded the whole thing from top to bottom to make everything smooth. We went about $600 over what we thought but worth it!  It took us about a week with extra 3 days becuase of the horzontial railing but we are so happy with how it turned out! If you have any questions on what we did feel free to email us. Also we used an oil based stain. You really want oil based not water base for decks. I got ours at home depot and we love the color. I have a picture of in at the bottom for you all if you want it! IMG_9864IMG_9852



Thanks for following we love you all!


Adama and Lauren

Mid Century Night stands

I am finally doing a post of the beautiful night stands Adam built. These are made of SOLID Alder Wood. They look even better in person. I am obsessed with he 3 legs and the look of the floating top. He Did an incredible job on these. So for those of you who follow Adam you got to see these sooner. If you don’t here they are 🙂 If you are waiting to have your own custom night stands in your home and are local (Utah) They are $250 each. I am sorry for all of you who keep requesting them out-of-state he is working on the cheapest way to ship them out for you. Hopefully will be able to fill your request soon! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do 🙂 Midcentry Night Stands 3NIght stands 1

Midcentry Night Stands 4Midcentry Night Stands 6Midcentry Night Stands 8
Midcentry Night Stands 1
Midcentry Night Stands 4

If you have any questions feel free to email us as well. Thank you for following love you all



Built-in Desk

This is the recent built-in Adam just finish. For the most amazing family. So they wanted a built-in with shelved doors and drawers. The center pops out to give more room for a computer. They wanted a break between just the white so Adam recommended to do a solid Alder wood top and it turned out amazing. We can’t wait to see what they do to style stage it! Here are some pictures of you to see it. It is naked and I will post more when it is all styled 🙂 Sorry I forgot to get a picture before 🙁IMG_9526IMG_9519IMG_9522IMG_9502IMG_9523IMG_9514IMG_9527



Master Bedroom Reading Nook Built-In

Ok so I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get this up!! Here is why. So once we finished the built-in for the master bedroom window nook. I tried to find baskets I like that would work for the bottom shelfs. Well needless to say no matter what ones I brought home I just did not like them! So we have decided that we are going to put doors on them. Also I have yet to find a blind or curtain that I like yet. So I will up-date you on that when we get the doors done 🙂  I was going to wait to post until I got the doors up but I just decided I will show you what it is now and once we finish the doors I will do a more detail post about everything then! So here she is, as you can tell we decided to do the bench nook area. I am SO glad we did!  Also you see a little peak of our night stands that Adam built I will be doing a post on that soon!


So here are some Before pictures to show you that it was just an open nook in our room.

Built in Before pic

Master built in before




Also you can see it is not totally done! I still need to fix a couple of the decor in the boxes and get some pictures and swap out books, build the doors and get the window treatments! BUT it is almost done! We love you all! Hope you all have a wonderful day.



Side Yard UP-Date

This the season to get your yard work done! So excited this year that I am not PREGNANT and I can actually do some good work with Adam. So last year we did everything from retaining wall, underground tramp to sprinklers and sod. This year we are focusing on more of the fun stuff that make your yard look really good the PLANTS!!! Plants and tree’s I feel can transform your yard it make it look so much better. So we have a couple ares of the yard I am going to show you that we have done. I am starting with our side yard though. I know must of us have a side yard that needs some attention! So here is some helpfully tips what we did to make it look better.

To start this year we decided we were going to get ride of all the bark around the whole house. I hated the bark where we live it blows in the grass and i feel like it looks so good the first day we put it down but then after that the wind blows and the sun fades it and it started to look like crap. So we though enough we are going to do something that is going to last longer and look good all year round. So we went with rock. We got sky light gray. We have a truck so we were about to go to a rock yard in Lehi and get it by the Tone. It took us over 3 tones to do the whole front and the entire back. It cost us just over $340. This rock that we choose was not the cheapest it was $100 a ton. You can get others for about $40 a Ton.  One Tone is basically 1 truck load full. Yes it is more costly than bark, but we never have to buy bark again and it looks good all the time. We just liked the sky gray color.

(GRASS TIP!!! So if you grass in just not looking so hot then you NEED IFA Fertilizer its amazing. We have tried all different kids and nothing make our law thicker and so green so fast then the IFA fertilizer from grass. Check out our grass before we put anything down this we just 3 weeks between these pictures.)

So this was the side of our yard BEFORE. Over grown and grass intruding upon the flower bed weeds and the horrible bark everywhere.

DIY Yard

Back yard Update

Second we had to buy something to keep the rock in on our side yard. If you read back to our Front Porch Planter Box Up-Date. You will see that we have a slop to our home. So last year we fixed the front yard with the step down planter boxes  but we did not get to the side yard. So this year we decided we just needed something that would separate the rocks from the grass. To stop the rocks from coming out. I got Dimes EasyFlex No Dig Landscape Edging, 40′. It is supper easy to use and does such a good job at separating your grass from your garden ares. I got mine at Wal-Mart for $22.97 they do sell them at Home Depot $26.99 they will price match Wal-Mart as well. It also comes in 20′ length for $15.99. It comes with 8 stakes to put in the ground. I ended up buying 8 more stakes per 40′ I used.

diy yard 3


Diy Yard 1

AfterOutdoor Reno

I love you all hope have an amazing day!

Front Porch update

Ok now that its getting to be nice weather I hope you all have great plans for the WEEKEND!! We just up dated our front porch and hope it gives you ideas for your’s! So here is what we did. This is a supper easy way to green up your front entry and add curb appeal to your home just in time for summer!

We ended up coming to agreenence on cement planter boxes with a what we call pom pom tree’s. They are actually Dwarf White Spruces “Conica” that were times to look like pom pom’s 🙂 These come us $59.99 each at Home Depot. That was $20 cheaper then Cooks nursery in Lindon. Just a tip when you are going to buy plant I ALWAY check Home Depot first. Here is why they offer a 1 year warranty on there plants! Keep your receipt and if you plant or tree dies with in a year you can return it and get your money back or swap it out for a new one!! This came in handy of us this year already!! most nurseries only off 6 months at 50% back of what you paid. So to have a full year and 100% back is awesome!

Then I will say I looked EVERYWHERE to find the perfect planter pot. (Not really sure what to call them) Who would of thought that it take so much looking to find just the right one. I found these at the home decor store called AT HOME You can not buy anything from them online. They do show you some of what they offer in there store online but they have a tone. There stores are huge! Its a little overwhelming when you get there because there is a lot to look at. These were perfect for us though. They were $39.99, before you go to the store though sign up for there email and you will get 10% off your entire purchase coupon. I hope you enjoy and it gives you ideas for what to do for yours! I always want to see what you guys do! Feel free to copy as well!

Front Porch 1Curb Apeal 1Curb ApealCurb appealAlso f you missed the post about my easy cheap wreath check It out. I made this wreath for under $13 AND took me less then 15 mins so make sure to check it out. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

DIY CHEAP EASY Summer wreath!

You guys this thing took me not even 15 mins to make and only cost me $12.50! So I am going to tell you how you can get this look as well.

You will need

Grapevine Wreath (I got mine at Joann’s it was $4.50 and then I used a 40% off coupon so I paid $2.50)

Bundle of greenery I used (FERN BUSH) I also got this at Joann’s and used a 50% off coupon it is normally $19.99 so i got it for $9.99. I bought 2 of them and only needed one.

Hot Glue

Wire cutters

THAT ITS! So let’s get started.

Diy Summer WreathDiy Summer Wreath 2First I cut each steam t the very bottom so I had long strips of the bush as you can see in the picture.Diy Summer Wreath 1

Next you just take the long stems and wrap them around the wreath and put glue in about 2 different places. I did the end and the middle then I added the next stem to see how the bushes would fall. the branches and the bush on it will naturally fall one way so try to keep them all falling that same way all the way around. (I hope that makes sense)

Diy Summer Wreath 3

Then once I had it all the way done I had a few patches i wanted filled so I cut the last branch I had into the small pieces you see in the picture and added them where needed.

Diy Summer Wreath 5

Then you all finished! Supper easy and cheap and looks awesome.Summer wreath Diy Summer Wreath 8

when you go to Joann’s Fabric look up their coupons. Right now you can use a 40% off and 2 50% off coupons on any regular priced items. You can used them all I the same transaction. Thanks for following I love all of you 🙂

Master Bedroom Part 1 RENO

We have FINALLY started working on our Master bedroom. So this is Part 1! So to start off we have 2 odd nooks in our room. I tried everything to fill them and nothing looked just right. So we decided we would start with the first one and do a built-in desk that looks floating and floating shelfs then of course the TV. If you know me you know I LOVE tv. I know it’s really sad. I am one who loves to put the kids to bed and veg out and watch a good show. Yes I love all shows crime shows are one of my favorites but of course I also love things like the bachelor and Grays Anatomy. Nothing relaxes me more than just laying down and watching a show. So naturally I wanted one in our bedroom. Especially when Adam is out-of-town. I love putting the kids to bed and I usually go up in my bed with my computer and watch a show until I am basically falling asleep then I will shut my computer and go to bed. So now it will be nice to have something a little better to watch a show on. I know some of you are thinking NO DONT PUT A TV IN YOUR MASTER! I get it i really do i went back and forth with it but…….. Let me just say this there are a lot or prose for having a TV in your room. hahahah

1. When kids wake up early and you don’t want to get out of bed you can put on a show and be lazy in bed.

2. If you Husband is like mine and LOVES sports, you don’t have to hang out down stairs on a couch wanting to lose it because you’re so tired and board all at the same time. All because you want to hang out with your spouse. This way they can watch a late game you can be laying in bed going to sleep.

3 Then let’s be honest is there anything better than watching a movie laying down!

Now that you all know the pro’s with putting a TV in your room, back to more about the built-in :). So lets start with the shelfs. These are once again raw cuts of Alder wood. Just like we did in the Kitchen Shelf update here. This time though we did then thinner. Adam had to mill them down to make them straight and smooth. It takes some tools and know how to do them though. If you don’t have that DONT WORRY!!! If you are wanting to do this your self you totally can! It will be a little different but will give you the same look and feel. You can go to your local Home Depot and get there alder that is already milled smooth and ready to be stained. We love the look of alder it is a hard wood so is durable and great to work with and really strong.

For the drawer pulls and brackets we got them at Ikea then Sprayed them the perfect shade of gold. I will be doing a HOW TO on these shelfs later this week for you all!

For the desk we went with a 2 toned look. Just using cabinet grade plywood we get at Home depot and then Adam milled and did an amazing job on the fronts of the doors and drawers. They are of course Alder wood that he had to do a large glue up to make it the size we needed. It is beautiful though because as you can see the grain of the wood flows from the doors to the drawers.

We did not necessary need more storage in out home but this is what looked the best and fit the space so well. I will be using this desk as my makeup station. So yes I love it! I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.


Modern Master Bedroom 1


Modern Desk 7Modern Desk 2Modern Desk 3  Modern Desk 1modern desk 6floating shelfs 1

For the drawer pulls and brackets we got them at Ikea then Sprayed them the perfect shade of gold. I will be doing a HOW TO on these shelfs later this week for you all!

For the desk we went with a 2 toned look. Just using cabinet grade plywood we get at Home depot and then Adam milled and did an amazing job on the fronts of the doors and drawers. They are of course Alder wood that he had to do a large glue up to make it the size we needed. It is beautiful though because as you can see the grain of the wood flows from the doors to the drawers.

We did not necessary need more storage in out home but this is what looked the best and fit the space so well. I will be using this desk as my makeup station. So yes I love it! Here are a couple of this links for the decor I got below

Gold heart (Hobby Lobby) Make sure to use 40% off coupon on there website

Books (I get my books at Desert Industries I pay about $1 a book. You can get them for free at a local recycling center)

Alo Plant ( Tin container is from Ikea)

I hope you enjoy and can’t wait to show you more! Thank for following I love you all!Modern Master Bedroom 2
Modern Master Bedroom 1

Here is some of the info for stuff we purchased.

Spray paint for hardware and drawer pulls 

Drawer pulls

hardware for shelfs

Blue Chair

Gold heart (Hobby Lobby) Make sure to use 40% off coupon on there website

Books (I get my books at Desert Industries I pay about $1 a book. You can get them for free at a local recycling center)

Alo Plant ( Tin container is from Ikea)

Also make sure to stay tuned for the How to on the shelfs! I love you all for following!

Kitchen Up Date

Sense the day we moved in Adam has wanted to rip down this cabinet and put up floating shelfs. We finally got it done! Let me say this it looks so much better! It opens up the kitchen so much more and is just more our style. We both love it so much.

We have existing tile back splash the only problem was when we put it up soon after we moved in we did a dark gray grout. I hated it from the moment it went up. So about 6 month ago I thought maybe i could just grout over the top of it to cover it up. It did an ok job but drove the perfectionist in me NUTS. I could see some gray when you looked close and then as cracking on the bottom where the tile meet the counter top. I hated it overtime i went it the kitchen it made me cringe.

Sense we were going to have to continue the back splash up the wall where we took down the cabinet I did not want there to be any difference in any way. So i took ALL the grout out of the back splash. IT WAS HORRIBLE before you decided how bad you hate your grout really think do I hate it a tone hahahaha. It was a LOT of work but honestly so glad I did it. I went with a hair lighter color. So honestly probably no one can tell a difference but I do especially when you look close. Last thing I need is part of my kitchen to look like a DIY special gone wrong. UM NO THANKS. So now it looks perfect clean and just the way I want. It took more over 8 hours to get all the grout out. So it was quite the task but for me well worth it. If you are wanting to it to your let me know and i can tell you the best thing and the fastest way. (Trust me I tried them all)

So starting on the shelfs we wanted a solid Alder wood. Adam got raw cuts of wood and had to mill them down so they were perfect and smooth. Takes more work then just going to Home Depot and buying them there but it’s actually cheaper if you know how to do it. This was we are able to get thicker cuts of wood as well. 11532




If you have questions how we anchored them to the wall let me know 🙂 Supper easy and the cheapest way to go 🙂 Also the tile is from Lows you can also get it at home depot. We used 4×12 subway white tiles.


So our muddroom is finally done! I know most of us had a dreaded mudroom. They collect EVERYTHING I feel it never does not look cluttered. I just could not take it anymore. Shoes and jacket are something that won’t go away hahaha so i needed somewhere to have them and it to look nice and it to be hidden. Our builder did just a small area where we had 3 cubbies and then hooks above. Great for the time but i needed more! I love things organized when things are not organized and clean i can’t think straight. It’s a real problem. So we sat down and decided what we need and what we need to be able to put away.

One of our big things was JoJo’s car seat! I hate that thing it’s always on my counter because there is no where for it to go. So we made sure to make a spot in the design to have a spot just for the car seat. Then when we don’t need the car seat then you could put buckets and really put anything you want in there and it will still look awesome. Then the next big thing was the dog bowls I hate having those things out all the time. They just look horrible. I wanted a spot that i could feed her and then tuck them away so i did not have to see them anymore. So of course we had to incorporate a secret drawer just for that. Best part is that it will be hidden and no one will see it.

PAINT!!!! So paint is really hard to decide what you want. Not only that Gray is just really hard to get a good color. There are so many different shades of gray so depending what you want it can be a nightmare trying to find the right gray. For this project we spend more money on our paint as well. When doing cabinets you want a paint that is going to last and look the best.

Then I knew we had to have doors and drawers. I just wanted something that would look nice and us not to have to look at all the crap. So We sat down and designed the lay out. This project ended up taking longer then expected. Everything that could go wrong did. No joke so glad that this project was over. Wood cost was around $140. Then we got Handles from Ikea. We did these smaller square ones for the drawersThey cost me $9.99 for 2 i needed 3 so had to buy 2 packs. Then we got The longer 13″ ones for the door’s. The larger handles cost me $12.99 for 2 again I needed 3 so had to buy 2 packs.

I am supper weird about my drawers and how they close. I want them to be smooth so we usually spend more money on our drawer hinges. We get ours at home depot They cost $15.48 each drawer.

Then to door hinges we usually buy for projects are from Lows But they were all out! Of course. So this time we actually got these ones on for $11.33 for 2. We need 9 hinges so had to put 5 packs. So here she is i hope you all love it as much as we do 🙂


Nothing better then seeing my 2 guys working together. Love them both to much.



One of our Favorite things is the hidden compartment for Pippa’s dog food and water! It is so nice to put it out and away when I want so I don’t have to see it all the time. 34

Mudroom 2Mudroom 169

Another thing we had to incorporate was a spot for the car seat. This thing is so annoying alway on the counter and in the way. So we mad sure to have a cubby spot just for the car set. DSC_1619DSC_1621DSC_1622

we are probably going to add a shelf in the right barnet up to as well. I love you all for following and hope you enjoy 🙂


Ok you guys!!!!! The one room I have wanted done from the first day we moved in is mostly done hahaha, a year later…… We have gone back and forth on what to do. Of course if you know us also what we can agree on. We both have big options 🙂 This is what we ended up with and i am in love. So this is just the desk and upper cabinets. We still have the rest of the office to finish and I will show you the whole office when that is all finished. Didn’t Adam do an AMAZING JOB!!! You guys this guy I swear I could not love him anymore and its not because of his mad skills 🙂 IMG_3063 copyIMG_3071 copy

This is how it always starts with us. I say things i like Adam says what he likes and he will draw up a sketch. This was the Desk. Once he finished the desk we could not agree upon what when above the desk. This is why it takes us longer to get things done. The desk took Adam a while to do. There is a LOT of detail in that desk. It is made out of solid Alder wood. I think it turned out amazing.

Modern office 3IMG_3108 copymodern office

FullSizeRender copywood officeIMG_3105 copyIMG_3106 copyIMG_3073 copy

For me I love nothing more than staging what Adam has made. With this desk i took some old and some new stuff but love how it turned out. I love these book i found at my local DI. Thrift stores or DI are great places to get used books for book shelves. IMG_3072 copyIMG_3070 copy

So the hardware was hard!!!! I wanted something gold but did not want to pay and arm and leg for it. So what I ended up doing is getting these modern handles from Home Depot and Spray painted them!

IMG_3068 copyIMG_3109 copyIMG_3101 copyIMG_3103 copy

Thank you all for supporting us and following along. We love all of you 🙂

Solid White wash Oak Top Built-In Desk

This past week Adam took a break on our house and did a beautiful Built-in Desk for some awesome people. They went with a white built-in, with a BEAUTIFUL Solid Oak white washed desk top. It turned out AMAZING. I just wish it was in my home!!! Here are some picture of it for all you to see. IMG_2639 2 copyIMG_2637 copy
IMG_2629 copyIMG_2631 copyIMG_2634 copyIMG_2635 copyIMG_2639 2 copyHalf Bathroom RENOVATION

Sorry you guys we have been MIA. Just with christmas family and everything else I needed to take a step back. So FINALLY I am getting up that half bathroom that is down stairs.

When we moved in it was just a toilet and a pedestal sink and oval mirror. So we decided to change the whole thing 🙂

First we sold our pedestal sink on because it was brand new. Sold it for $50. I always say sell anything that you can that your not using or going to use anymore. Use the money toward the project you are doing. We then went to Ikea and got a square sink bowl for $80. Then Adam wanted it to be a floating cabinet, so he built around the sink. He mad that out of Alder wood and Berch Plywood.

We then went with just the classic white subway tile. Te got ours at Home Depot. We just went with the classic modern style but did them horizontal. We then did 2 floating shelfs out. Those are made out of Berch Plywood. We did the whole thing in under $200.

Hope you enjoy and get some inspiration from our bathroom. 🙂 If you have any questions please let us know 🙂
IMG_2476 copyIMG_2458 copyIMG_2473 2 copyIMG_2524 copyIMG_2454 copyIMG_2523 copyIMG_2522 copyIMG_2520 copyIMG_2518 copyIMG_2521 copy

EASY Neighbors Gift Idea!

Hey you guys I just though I would post a great idea for those who have not gotten there neighbor gifts yet. This is a very easy quick gift to do to show people you care.

Right now at Costco you can get Martenalies for 4 for $7.99! That is cheaper then what i paid. Walmart they are $2.88 each. I got my tags from Hobby lobby for $1.99 for 12 tags. Then i got the ribbon from Michaels for $5.99.

So this is a fast easy christmas gift for family neighbors or friends. For those of you are to busy and don’t want to bake the yummy goodies! This is a great gift for anyone would love to get! Christmas neighbor giftChristmas neighbor gift 2Christmas neighbor gift 1Christmas neighbor gift 3Christmas neighbor gift 1

DIY Deer Head Wreath

So I have wanted to make a great wreath for a while now. I really wanted to make one last year but i was so sick from being pregnant with Jovi I could barely handle life at the time let alone try to craft something. So I am so excited that i finally made one. Beckham wanted to help so bad. When we were at the craft store he said he wanted something that was a REAL craft not for kids. So i let him get a wreath the i helped him make will be going inside the house and will show you that later. He ALWAYS wants to help with everything. I love that about him. I got almost everything at Hobby lobby. Except for the Merry christmas sign and the ribbon I got from Michael’s.

DIY Christmas Wreath 9DIY Christmas Wreath 2DIY Christmas Wreath 4DIY Christmas Wreath 8DIY Christmas Wreath 5

I made the mistake on not buying glider paper! We had a white card stock paper and just modpoged it with glider it took 3 layers and way to long! You guys just buy glider paper!!! DIY Christmas Wreath 10DIY Christmas Wreath 9

Here are the main things that you will need. Everything else you could use things you might have in your craft stuff or go to the store and see what they have.Deer head, Red ribbon, Merry Christmas sign, gold paint, Modpoge and red glider for the noise.  I got pom-pom balls and a gold ribbon that hang from the antlers. Then card stock white AND red glider. Then i used Hot glue to cut the ribbon and the head to the wreath.  All in all it cost me around $30. Yes you can find wreaths for cheaper but this one is different and not really something you can buy.

Deer Head Use 40% off coupon and get it for $14.99 

Foam Wreath I got mine at hobby lobby for $6.99 at Michael’s they are selling for $11.99

Red and white strip Ribbon Right now all christmas stuff is 50% off so it made them $3.50 each i need 2 


For the family room you can see that we removed the carpet and we did a hardwood though out the whole main level of the home. Then you can see that we did the wood wall for behind the tv. (more about that below) I love canvas but i feel with young children its to expensive for me. Here is why, i like to change my photos because my babies are always changing i don’t want to pay and arm and leg every time i want to change the photos. I ended up getting these white frames at Ikea. They are each a 20X20 frame with the picture are 12X12. I get my prints done at Persnickety Prints in Orem Utah. They also ship. They are by far the cheapest for 12X12  only pay $2!!!! You guys that’s supper cheap and the quality is great. We then made out own blanket latter as well.




This is the Wood wall we did in our family room. It is actually made of raw maple flooring. We got a whole bundle on ksl for $85. we still has some left over as well. So the total cost for the wall was $85. The total project took us about 3 1/2 hours to get it all up. They just fit together like flooring that is the tongue and groove then we nailed it right to the wall. We fist took off the base boards then found all the stud across the whole wall. We then Drew a pencil line from floor to ceiling to show us where the stud were the whole way. So that was we were able to get the nails into the studs for the most part. We were going to stain it after it was up but ended up loving it as just the raw wood.











Lets talk curtain rods. first off our home is all white. I wanted something that was not going to stand out so much. So i wanted white that would blend in better. Curtain rods are expensive if you have a long wall!!! The cheapest one i could find was $100 for the length that we needed at 96 inches. So i ended up getting 2 rods from Ikea  in the center support is where the rods meet. So it only cost us about $30 rather than $100. Then finding curtains at 108 inc length is supper expensive as well. Ikea has the nest price for long curtains. Looking at the rod you would never know that it is 2 rods it looks awesome and way less money! I ended up spending just over $100 for my curtains and the rods.




So for the kitchen we did not do much that was the one thing in this home we upgraded. We went with white shaker style cabinets and a quartz counters. To make it look better we went with a modern handle. for the drawers we did a smaller stainless steel handle. Then for the cabinet doors we did a larger stainless steel handle. Ikea had the best price by far. We looked at home depot and lows and they were about $4 more each pack of 2. We also got our  5 jar glass chandelier  at West Elm. We LOVE it, it really changed to mood of the room and made it more the modern style we were looking for.












We also did a modern white glass backsplash we first did a dark gray grout. I did not like it 🙁 so we went over it with an off white.







Hey everyone! We finally are getting photos up of all the work we have done so far in our home. We built this home, but the builder would not let us touch anything until after we closed. (By moved in i mean put all out stuff in the garage and put bed on the floor up stairs) The day after we moved in we ripped out the floors on the whole main floor we ripped out the pony wall going up stairs and we got to work. For the railing we ripped out the wall that is there and we did a knotty alder wood hand rails and then did steal cables. (Of course Adam did all that as well.)  Here is a list of everything we got on amazon for the cables.

1 Tensioner For Railing, pack of 5 Tensioners For Railing railing cable, Installation template ,

WE needed 6 cables to go down so i have to buy one pack of 5 and 1 pack of 1 as you can see above.















So Adam ended up making the barn doors as well. We did 8 foot doors. We got the tracks for the Sliding Barn door hardware Etsy it was the cheapest ones i could find and they are awesome. They were fast delivery as well.We paid $320 for 12 foot length. We also added the wall where the barn doors are. We did a ship lap and painted it white.












Well its time to show the baby nursery! Adam really wanted to surprise me with this one. So i was not allowed in the room until it was done. I told him the colors that i wanted (pinks, grays and whites) Then he went with it. This is what he did! First off how amazing of a job did he do on the crib! That was Beckham’s old crib that he redid. He added wood the edges to make it more modern and new. I am beyond in love with it. Then he built the hanging changing table out of Oak and the shelf and the triangle were all made out of oak wood. They turned out amazing. He also did the back wall that is the look of wainscoting wall, with MDF Trim and then painted it the perfect shade of gray. Then also the mobile he made as well. Here are some of the before and after.  Now just 2 more days and we get to meet our baby girl!!!







FullSizeRender 15

FullSizeRender 13

FullSizeRender 8

FullSizeRender 12




FullSizeRender 7

FullSizeRender 5

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 2






The yard….. a must if you have little kids and a dog who love to play out side. Man can it really break the bank though. We decided we would do it all our self.  Thankfully Adam is awesome and does almost everything but it still takes a lot of time. Our yard is on a slop lot so we knew we would have to do a retain wall to make the land more level. More on that below :)  We are also doing an under ground tramp. If anyone is looking into doing and under ground tramp we did the frame DIY style because being a under ground tramp frame will cost you at least $600 we paid $100 for ours. I found this guy who shows how he did his Under ground tramp. We have more legs on our tramp so we could not follow his tutorial but used his concept. With ours though we also did not wrap the metal over the wood and he does because we like the look of the wood. We screwed it about 2 inches blow the top of the wood strip.  But we also lined the tramp with rocks so that on the bottom no dirt would fall in as well. Our land


IMG_5193 2



For the Retaining wall it is made of 6x6x8 Treated timber. We found the best price was at Home Depot. Not only do we love the organic look of the wood but it was the cheapest thing to do. But also was the only way for us to get the hight we needed to level out the yard.  Our wall goes our entire back yard. We are doing a fire pit area so it is not just a straight wall. Our wall is about 3-3/12 fee tall. We had to do this to make our yard more level. We had such a slope in the back that you can see that was our only option. For our whole wall and material we are at about $2000 that is us doing it our self. After we put the treated timber before we back filled we sprayed a sealer on the wood to help protect it even more than we put a black mesh that we stapled to the back to help keep the water off the wood to make it last much longer. Then Adam rented a bob cat and back filled all the dirt back to the yard. Also before we started we had an excavator come out and dig out our tramp and a line for the whole back yard for the retaining wall that cost use $600 (worth every penny!) That was the only thing that we did sub out.










once we got all our sprinklers done and the back fill put in we then put down sod. We will have plants that need to go in and tress but we are getting close. Also if you want to see how we did the deck i did a post on that as well. FIRE PIT AND DECK

IMG_5193 2



IMG_5207 2



IMG_5190 3



So i am finally doing a back yard up date!!! So sorry i am so behind just between pregnancy baby and then of course hunting season it’s just taken a little longer! We are still not done but we are getting there. We still have a lot of plants to buy! If you go back to my old post you can see how much further we have gotten.




We did everything our self in the back yard. So when it came to the deck and fire pit of course Adam was going to do it. We decided to do a gas fire pit. I did not want wood because i hate smelling like smoke all the time. High maintenance i know! So what we needed up doing was cement blocks and stacked them. Adam did one layer of blocks withe these Concrete blocks then the rest in Concrete bricks It was actually really easy and only ended up costing $55. You can see we got Concrete Pier blocks for the bottom of the deck so we did not have to pour the concrete our self.






Then i found a gas fire pit kit on Amazon. It cost $190 for the kit. We went with the 18 inc fire ring. Then i went to home depot and bought lava rocks for about $3.50 a bag i needed 4 bags. Then i got a propane tank at home depot for $50. You guys people were telling us we would not get a good fire with just propane and we needed a direct gas line from the house for it to be good. That is so false this thing puts off a really big flame we turn it way down. It is perfect you don’t need to run a direct line.

IMG_3992 copy

IMG_3994 copy

The Deck is out of red wood. Then we did a clear stain on it. One tip though. we did not stain our deck for about a week and a half. It caused the sun and rain to change the color of the wood. When ever you do a deck stain and seal the deck right away.

IMG_5199 2

IMG_5190 3

IMG_5188 2







Planter boxes done for the front yard! We have such a slope in our front yard we could not do just curbing or rocks because all the wood chips would just fly everywhere in the grass. As you can see in the Pictures of the before. We did Treated timbers again. (Notice a theme for our yard.. we like the treated timbers) So we got the 2×8 treated timbers for our planter boxes and we did each box 6 feet deep and about 5 feet long in each box. For all the wood we spent about $200. Then spent about $200 on top soil and new plants. So total our project cost us $400. It makes a huge difference in the front yard though.






Beckham is such an amazing helper he wants to help with anything we are doing. I love that about him. He’s always up to help out and is such a good boy.





This is a dinning table Adam also made for us. It is made out of Hickory flooring on the top and then Adam welded the legs our of metal. We ended up doing one side as a bench and then 3 acrylic chairs on the other side, we used the acrylic chairs from Ikea.










Here is a different flower crown that i made to show you all how i do them. This method is for fake flowers.

Things you need

Elastic for head band (You also could use ribbon and just tie it in the back)

fake Flowers  (I got mine at hobby lobby.)

Hot glue

First you are going to cut off the flowers that you want from the bundle you buy. Leave part of the long stem and cut it shorter once on the elastic so you can see how much stem you need each time.

Flower Crown 1

Flower Crown 3

Take your first flower and glue it to the elastic and glue the back of the flower.

Flower Crown 7 Flower Crown 6


Aline the stems so they are going the same way for half of the crown then switch so they are going the other way.So the stems are going down on each side.

IMG_6359 copy Flower Crown 9 Flower Crown 8 Flower Crwon 4 Flower crown 12 flower corwn 13

I hope this helps you all make adorable flower crowns for you babies :)