Because who Doesn’t LOVE upper cabinet!!!

Hey loves! Oh my gosh, I am so behind it is not even funny!! So many things I need to post for you all and I have not had the time. That’s life though! So today, I am finally revealing the Kitchen! Oh my gosh you guys, this was on my list of things that I wanted to do to this house from day 1. I’m SOOO happy it’s finally done and I am OBSESSED! I hope you guys love it too. We still need to finish tiling the backsplash up the wall where the floating shelves are but that will come soon! So when we built our home, we just went with standard white cabinets with shaker style door and I knew with-in time we would be building upper for the cabinets. I don’t know about you, but to me, there’s just something about cabinets that go to the ceiling. It just looks so grand and custom and makes the room feel so much taller and bigger. So for these upper cabinets, we knew they would not be used like ever, but I wanted them to function so if the next buyer wanted to use them, they could. So they’re functioning cabinets not just for looks. So let’s start with a quick before and after photo 🙂





So to start off, Adam built 4 separate boxes. He built the boxes out of cabinet grade plywood and then the trim and the facing and doors are out of poplar and MDF. We love Home Depot for all our wood like this. They just have such a large selection. We then also added 2.5″ poplar trim on the very top to make everything nice and closed in with clean lines. 

So for the paint, I had to make sure that the paint matched exactly with my existing cabinets. So for us, I was able to call the builder and find out who did our cabinets and contact them. They were able to tell me exactly what they used. If you need to find what your cabinet is, I would take a door into Sherman Williams and have them help you to color match it. Cabinets can be hard though depending on the type of finish you want. We had the perfect smooth finish on our existing cabinets that you will only get with a spray gun. Thankfully, Adam painted for 7 years and knows how to do all that so we were able to get the right color and he sprayed it on and it looks perfect. Looks like the cabinets were done like this from day one. 

So for the gold knobs, I did get these at Home depot. Just the round knobs they were about $1.98 each I believe. Then I did the same method as before for spraying them gold. This time though I did a top coat with lacquer i think i will take my other handles down and also do a lacquer top coat on them as well to make the last longer. Go here to see the post on spraying handles gold

West Elm Chandelier 

Handles We have them in 9 5/8 for the drawers and 13 9/16 for the doors.

Gold Spray Paint


Kitchen runner 

Dining room rug 

I love you all and thanks so much for following. We have so much good stuff coming up for you guys!! Can’t wait to show you what were up to the next couple months are going to be super busy in the Weekley house!



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