FINALLY Master Bathroom MAKE OVER!!

You guys!!!!! I am the worst! I never updated you guys and showed you are Master Bathroom makeover! Yes, that home is sold and we close on our new home in 2 days!!!! I still wanted to show you the amazing before and after on our Master Bathroom. Total cost was $1000.

I really want to show you this one because come Friday it starts all over again with a new home!!! AHHH I am so beyond excited to show you all the amazing things were going to do with our new home. Also give you guys amazing ideas and where to buy everything we are getting. So sold EVERYTHING with our last home so were totally starting fresh on this home. K enough about that until next week! The master bathroom is SOOOOO important to update. We only had a single sink and cheap flooring so those were our 2 main concerns. So we decided to do a dual vanity quartz counters and a tile flooring. Our flooring was only $2.69 a foot. Get it HERE. We also did really small spacers only 1/16th inc. I wanted the smallest grout line for these floors. 

Ok so to start we had to rip up the floor underlayment hammer down all the nails and staples also take off the baseboards. Once that is all ripped up we laid down we rolled on a waterproof base because it was a small area we did not lay down cement boards. If you are doing a larger area with tile you really want to lay down cement boards. We used Mapelastic Aquadefense Indoor/Outdoor Membrane. You can get it at most flooring stores or Lowe’s. It is super easy to apply and it just gives a water barrier for the subfloors. Then you also must lay down a metal divider when laying tile to separate your tile from your carpet. There are so many different ones to use so just pick one that you feel is best match for your space and won’t stand out against the carpet. 

We were not able to use the old cabinet because it was only for 1 sink so Adam had to build new cabinets for the dual sinks. This is the frame below.

The counters I called around to local companies to see who had a remnant in the white quartz i wanted. That way i did not have to buy a whole slab. I paid $550 for my quarts and the 2 under mount sinks. They delivered it and installed it for the $550. Then we installed the faucets. The I wanted to add more texture behind the mirror so we added a white subway tile behind the mirrors just to give it a little more appeal.

Knobs and handles are from Target

Faucets are Homedepot on sale $79.99


Gray Paint for cabinets is a lacquer that Adam sprayed on. Its Knight’s Armor LB-3Y15, YO-63.5, RO-11 TW-3Y5 (NUF3002T) We got it at Jones Paint and Glass. 

I am so sorry this one took me so long and is kinda all over the place! In just a couple days we will be closing on our new home and starting the renovations all over again! This home be more organized with my post for you guys and how-tos and details where I get everything from so you can do things your self as well. So excited and love you all.



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