Floating White Oak shelves in Kitchen

You guys!!! So i and Adam drop everything he was doing last weekend to do these floating shelves for me. I just could not take it anymore it drove me nuts the way it looked. This area Adam and I have spent hours trying to figure out what to do with! It is just so accward and we had so many ideas spinning in our minds. We decided with so many other things to do we needed to do something simple that will make the space look better. We ended up with doing floating shelves. As simple as they are they make a big impact on the space. So this time I wanted a thinner shelf then we have done in the past. So below i will tag some DIY’s for you to show you how to achieve a similar look in your home.

We also decided to add a little more then just regular floating shelves we added the wood between 3 of the shelves so it looks more of a built in piece. We are loving it but would love to know what you guys this! Well here you go here are our before and afters. 🙂 

We wanted a white oak shelf so Adam build the shleves. Then we ended up using the a rebar method to make them floating. House Updated did a fantastic job of showing you how to do it. My only thing to add though is when you are drilling your holes in the wall have a second person so they cal help you make sure that you are drilling the holes level. The best thing to do is angle in down just a hard its easier to the the rebar down verses up if your holes are not perfect for any reason and having your shelf tip down you can fix it easily if it tip ups a little but down is hard to fix!

Thinner floating shelves.

Also lets talk flooring! I am totally obsessed with our wood floors. If you want amazing floor at a really good price you need to look into ADM Flooring. Ours is the sea smoke and we just LOVE them. They are the most perfect color. They honestly have the best flooring at the best price. I will post more on just our floors another day.

Some of my succulents are from Ikea and some are from Target. below i have linked them all for you.

Black and wood succulent

Medium size black and wood plant

white and wood succulent

small pink pot with succulent  (Real succulents)

Large pink pot with succulents (Real succulent)

Tall green plant (real plant is from Ikea)

White plates, bowls are form Ikea bundle for $19

Glass cups Ikea

Black mugs


Dinning Table Chairs

Dinning room Rug 

I hope you guys can get some inspiration for you own homes. We love you all and are so thankful for you following us and supporting us.



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