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OK so I decided I am going to start showing you guys some of my favorite things every month! So today I am going to start with one of my most favorite things! Also up front no I do NOT sell this product I just love it so much and think everyone should try it and see if it helps you like it did for me! So its Rodan and Fields new serum. K I know what your thinking Oh.My.Gosh if I have to hear someone talk about Rodan and Fields one more time I am going to lose my mind. ūüôā But for realllllll don’t¬†sell this and don’t benefit by telling you about it. I just LOVE it so much. The best part about it is that you can still use your face wash or whatever you are using. This is a hydrating serum. I have used EVERYTHING to try and get rid¬†of the dryness on my face I have always suffered from dry T-Zone. I have combination skin so it looks oily but also gets super dry in spots.¬†Yes, I have a PMD to get rid¬†of dead skin and exfoliate my skin but still, nothing would totally make my skin totally smooth. I have tried every lotion and oil out there. I used coconut oil I love it for SO many things but did not work for my face. As much as I LOVE my PMD it was not doing everything for me.

Then my friend Kristina Introduced me to this Serum. I was first thinking when this came out there is no way its that good…. hahah for real. I was like that stuff is not drug store lotion cheap and I bet it does not even work. (This is coming from someone who has tried everything I have paid it all) Well,¬†I¬†decided to try it and oh my gosh you guys I have been using it for over 6 months now and still in love. First off the bottle last forever! I use about 1 sometimes 2 drops a day that’s it. It hydrates my skin like nothing I have used before. LIke NOTHING I have used before. It makes my skin soft and hydrated just like it says it will weird huh hahha. I have always been someone who does not wear make up a lot. One I am lazy but the second reason why is weird its actually because I think I look worse with foundation on my face than with

I have always been someone who does not wear make up a lot. One I am lazy but the second reason why is weird its actually because I think I look worse with foundation on my face then with make-up, ¬†because you would see the flaky dry skin through the makeup¬†that you did not see without makeup on. I would just do a tinted moisturizer and mascara. I always see these amazing women who have perfect make-upevery dayy and first off that’s just not me i am to lazy but once in a while i do like to get ready and feel really good and i just never got that when I put on make-up. This serum is life changing for me you guys hahahah my make up goes on perfect and looks smooth sense¬†I have been using this serum.

You guys know I am all about a good deal so you better believe I would get a deal for you guys! So my friend Kristina is going to do 20% off my favorite serum for anyone who orders through her until end of December!!

You can go HERE to order through her or you are welcome to call or text her 801-867-2721 Shes amazing and will hook you up!

If you want info about other regiments you can take my solutions tool and if you go to the end and submit it, the regimen that is recommended for you will be emailed to her and she will email you the deal.

Below is other deals she has going on as well.

For any Preferred Customer Regimen order, get a FREE face wash ($38 Value) or $25 cash back.

For any Regimen + Lash Boost Bundle or Regimen + the AMP MD Roller Bundle, get a FREE Lip Serum, Eye Cream, or the new Bright Eye Complex. As a PC, they always get free shipping and 10% off. Future orders are optional.

I hope this helps some of you who are struggling like i was. I love you all and can’t wait to start sharing my favorite things with you guys!



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