GET ORGANIZED Ikea Closet Shelfs In Kids Rooms.

So everyone keeps asking me about my selfs that I did in the kids rooms. So i finally have it up for you!! So I could not figure out what to do because there closest were weird. They long but not supper deep so there was like 2 feet on each side of the closet when you opened the door. If i did a built in shelving unit in the front it would block the sides so it was so hard to figure out the most functional way to make these closets work.

My mom is amazing at organization as well and she was over I was talking to her about my ideas and how to make the most of the space. She was the one who gave me the idea to rather then doing the buckets or buckets straight on I do them on the sides of the closet. So its almost like you open the closet you can take a step in and turn the the right and i had the cloths hanging and the left i would do baskets and drawers for all the other stuff.

It was perfect! You guys it make the closet feel a  millions times bigger and was supper cheap and easy to do that anyone can do the same.

So the system that I used was was the Algot Closet system. You can customize them to your close.  I got my ideas for things i wanted to use off this ALGOT system.  So depending on how many shelves or drawers you want is how long of the Up rights you will want. If you want any more then what i have you need to go with the 77 -1/6 or you can always add to them. So for example you could get a 22 1/8 inch one and add it to a 33 1/8 inch one so you could get at least one more drawer or self then what I have by doing it that way.

I bought for 2 closets I am going to break it down for you below what i did for each closet. Helpful tip, I am linking you to everything. When you get to it all you need to do is mark how many you want then there is a button that says add to shopping list. Then When you are all done Ikea will send you and email that will give you exactly how many you need of each and where each item is at. Also HUGE BONUS!!! Apparently they just started doing store pick up! This is going to be huge for a lot of us hahah. So you can all everything to buy online then…….. wait for it you can select pick up in store! You guysssssssss you can do all your Ikea shopping online they will go around and get everything for you and you pick it up by where you would usually do returns. I know they just started it in Utah so not sure if they do it other places as well. HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THIS THOUGH! I learned this after I went there 4 times with the kids with in 2 weeks and one of the days I meet my sister to get all her stuff for her new home…… We spent 3 freaking hours in there and 30 mins was just waiting in line to check out! with 5 kids you guys! It was nuts. This would of been 1000 times better. So your welcome!

Jovi’s closet

Up rights 4 of them (bracket for the back of the wall that drawers or shelves go on)

Cloths Rail For Brackets 2 of them

Brackets 10 total (6 for the drawers 4 for cloths rails)

Baskets 4 of them

In Beckhams room his drawers slide Jovi’s just sit on the brackets because her closet was about 1 inch less deep then his so it was not wide enough to have the pull out rials on for the baskets. If your closet is then you will need the pull out rails.

Pull out rails for baskets 4 sets 


Beckhams Closet

Up Rights  4 for them 

Cloths rail for brackets 2 of them

Brackets 12 total (4 for the cloths rails 6 for the drawers 2 for the pants hangers)

Baskets 3 of them

Pull out rails for baskets 3 sets

Pants Hangers 1


Also if you want shelfs on the top then you can add another 2 brackets and Self for each side if you want as well.

I tried to break it down for you guys i hope this help and makes sense. For me being orgaized is a must i just can’t think straight when things are not clean and organized. I know a lot of you wonder why we do so many projects then ya its honestly not easy for me hahahah mentally I have a hard time with the caious but I love the end result SO it makes it worth it! So thats why I keep doing it over and over again. I hope this will help some of you get some organization in your closets to get a little peace for a day or 2 until the kids rip all the cloths out hahah. Love you all.



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