Guest Bathroom Make Over DONE!

Hey you guys! So today I am going to show you are guest bathroom make-over that we did. This one was a super simple fix that made a huge difference. total cost was around $275. We took up the linoleum and did tile then we did a wainscotting wall with hooks for towels. Quick and not super expensive fix that makes a big difference. If we were staying in this home and had more time we were going to frame around the mirror and replace the counter with quartz and knobs on the cabinets. We just ran out of time and are listing our home for sale tomorrow!! So we went with a Retro Octagon White Dot 11-1/2 in. x 11-1/2 in. x 6 mm Porcelain Mosaic TileThen just used a MDF trim for the wainscotting wall. Everything is painted in High Hide White from Sherman Williams for the walls.  Below are the before and afters for you guys! Hope you like it. 


Grout Polyblend #19 Pewter

Shower Curtain


Hope you guys have an amazing day love you all!



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