HOT Blendtec DEAL

You guys this is an amazing deal for Blendtec. We are obsessed with ours and use it all the time. If it was up to Beckham he would blend something every day he thinks it’s the best thing ever.  if you are looking for a blender you need this one! This deal is on Groupon. If you have never got anything off Groupon the use code FIRST and they will give you and EXTRA 25% OFF! This one also comes with the 8 Year warranty from Blendtec. The black Blendtec of the exact same model on is selling on amazon right now for $342.95. Get it now for only $199! This is with out the 25% off. So if you can use a different email and sign up again then you can use that 25% off as well with the code FIRST! That would take it down to $149.25!!


I love you all thanks for following, hope you have an amazing day



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