HUGE Rug Sale!

This is for all of you who keep asking for a good deal on rugs! This weekend is an awesome time to get a rug at The rug that is under our dining table is on there and only $78 with FREE SHIPPING! They are doing 25% off ALL Rug’s until February 23rd with code PDS25. You also get free shipping until the 23rd as well. The one that I have under our table Bosphorus Moroccan Trellis in the 5X7.5.  I LOVE Rug USA they have so many rugs to choose from. 

You better believe I will finally be buying a rug for the kitchen and maybe one for the family room this weekend with this sale! I hope this help some of you save some good money and get the perfect statement piece for your home.  I love you all have an amazing night.




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