Jovi’s Bedroom Makeover

Hey guys!!!! Ahhhh I have been so horrible and posting project on the blog I have been trying to be better at doing them on Instagram at least, but baby steps. Life is buys and I am just doing the best I can and the last year and a half the kids and family come first. So sometimes it takes me forever to get things up for you guys because I only do it at night when its not taking away from the kids. SOOOOO that being said I am SO excited to show you Jovi’s bed room make over!!  

I am so excited to finally get this room done! It feels like its taken for ever to get everything done. I am a perfectionist and want everything to be perfect before i can say its done. Something I am trying to get over and be better at! I could not figure out for the life of me what to do in her room. It all started 6 months ago when I was trying to do Jovi’s room and I could not get over a small window that was above her bed. So I decided  I wanted to switch her room and the guest room. It took me over a week of thinking about it because the guest room was like just the throw all room it was filled trashed and so beyond overwhelming. One day I decided today is the day and I went for it! I am So glad I made that switch let me tell you. It allowed me to throw out SO much stuff and declutter and also get Jovi in the better room. 




Jovi’s room was really hard for me. I wanted something that looked cute but also functional. I was able to get her bed and we decided to move her kitchen from the play room to her bedroom, so I did not always have to see play food all over the house haha. At least in the room I can shut the door and not see it. Our Jovi girl LOVE’S to play house all day every day. I am the baby and she’s the mommy or were sisters taking care of babies, or she’s the chef making her sister food the list goes on. I love her imagination and i love that she loves play with her mommy. I know that won’t last forever so I try and soak it up between laundry and the endless list us moms have to do. 

Our house is all white, I LOVE that but in here room it looked so blah! I needed something to really make the room pop. I though about doing a wood texture pattern wall and painting it then I decided to go with a wallpaper. Oh my gosh you guys it took me forever to decided on this one but I am SO glad I went with this wall paper. I was so nervous to put this up. I did not want to destroy it I have never done wall paper before. Let me tell you it was actually really easy! So the first one is your most import one that is straight because it sets the line for the rest of your wall. The first one felt like it took me forever because i wanted it to be perfect, after that i was able to fly getting this up. took me just over an hour. I just love the wall paper i went with i cant recommend it enough. It was so easy to use and so forgiving. It is a removable vynal wall paper. I keep messing up on lining up my pattern because i was doing this my self. It was so easy to pull it off and put it back on. What is also nice when were done with it and ready to do something new in her room it will just pull off so easy and will not damage your walls at all! The company is called LoomWell they have so many patterns to choose from as well. The pattern I selected was called the palmer wallpaper I will link that HERE.

Her little table under the window was a side table that Adam built that was just so perfect and then the little stools were from Ikea. 

 I hope this give you some inspiration to work on a project you have been wanting to do! You can do it just try and focus on one room at a time something I am always working at. I get overwhelmed when I see all the room I want to do and get done. If you just focus on one room at a time its less overwhelming. Like I said i am still working one this my self hahahaha. 

Love you all hope you have an amazing day. 

XOXOXO, Lauren 

Bedroom details Below




Basket for dolls 

Mid Century Book storage 

Night stand is an upside down basket from Home Goods

Tassle wall Link HERE I followed this tutorial to make my own version. 


Gold Curtain Rod 


Canopy over bed 

Home Good 

Ground round pink pillow


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