Kalalau Trail and Na Pali Coast.

Hey loves! As you know we are in Kauai and loving every minute of it. We were in desperate need of a vacation. The last 3-4 months has kicked my butt. Having puppies and Christmas was a lot more then i expected it would be. I was just drained and in need of getting away. So this has been the most amazing break. Sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and spend time with just your family. We love traveling with our kids. It’s so refreshing not to worry about cleaning the house or anything other than playing with my babies. Adam got put on a show here for work last min so we knew we had to come!  It is honestly my favorite Island we have been to so far!

So if you are going to Kauai I would highly recommend the Kalalau Trail. The Kalalau Trail is a trail along Nā Pali Coast. The trail runs approximately 11 miles along the island’s north shore from Keʻe Beach to the Kalalau Valley. It is the most beautiful hike. A few things to know, though. bring bug spray! We did not and our poor Beckham got lots of mosquito bite. I am just on a roll this trip with mom fails.  bring shoes you are ok with getting trashed. Do NOT wear flip flops. We actually went and got swim shoes just at Walmart because they have a lot of traction. The thing was they also have no support. So our feet were sore because of it but we did not slip one time. Also if it has been rainy it will be an even harder hike. The trail gets really muddy and slippery after a rain. Even when it has not been raining a lot there are still parts that are really muddy and slippery.

So most say the first mile in and out are the hardest. It honestly feels like it’s uphill bothways. 2 miles in there is the most beautiful beach. When we went though the surf was so rough and the tide was so high we could not even go on it because it was so dangerous. This is not a beach you would have out and chill on. Apparently, 83 people have died on that beach. The waved just get so massive and could just take you out. We just stopped had a snack and then headed back. If you don’t have kids with you and want to go more then another 2 miles into the hike is a beautiful waterfall. The hike is honestly so beautiful. It is a really good hike and one I would absolutely do again even knowing how hard it was with the kids I would still do it again. We knew it would be a good hike and we would probably be packing Beckham as well as Jo for a lot of it. We love our kids and we love to get out so we choose to do both and we just carry them 🙂 Yes it for sure makes things harder but he loved it and we did as well. We love them being able to experience things with us.

So we have 2 packs one is the Ergo 360 and the other is the Miamily Hipster. We love them both. Hope you have an amazing day. Love you all.XOXOXo


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