Kitchen Up Date & Sale On Our New Light & Get A New Faucet That Won’t Break Your Bank Account.

Happy Thursday that means tomorrow is Friday and that means weekend!! Ok, so today I am going to show you some changes in our Kitchen!! This is just the first part. We have more fun to come soon. So when we do renovations we just do one thing at a time. That is why sometimes we bounce around the house because we are just not sure exactly what we want to don’t have the funds to do exactly what we want so we wait until we do! So as you know if you have been following us for a while our cabinet handles are from Ikea. They are simple and modern and honestly the cheapest ones out there in cost for what you can get. I loved then when we first had them but over time just feeling like our kitchen is just too starchy.  So for a long time, I have wanted to do gold. I just never did it because our chandelier was chrome and all our appliances are stainless. So after and conversation with Adam we decided just to go for it. We finally found a chandelier we could both agree on (This is a big deal in our house finding something we both agree on, this is also why we bounce around because we both are very opinionated hahaha) So, I listed our chandelier for sale on KSL.Com This is a Utah site where you sell things. It is like a craigslist. Well, once I listed that baby I had 4 people who wanted it. To be honest I keep thinking what am I doing???? I love this light why am I selling it. Well now that we have it down and our new light it looks so much better just for our space.



Ok, lets talk handles! So Like i said I got ours from Ikea, they are the LANSA Handle, stainless steel rather than spending an arm and leg for new golds (Not in the budget because the ones I want are $15 EACH!) I decided to just spray paint the ones I have gold!  It took me a total of 4 hours to take off and set up and spray all the handles but I think it was totally worth it and saved us a ton of money! $8 and 2 cans of spray paint later I have brand new looking handles and in the gold color, I want without breaking the bank. Ya of course if you can afford new handles and don’t want to go through the effort of spraying them then do that as well! This was the best and cheapest option and they honestly look so good! I use Rust-Oleum Specialty 11 oz. Metallic Gold Spray Paint It is jus the perfect gold color for the kitchen. We wanted a more shiny gold and I have tried a lot of gold over the past and this one was just the best for the kitchen. We have used a more dull gold called Rust-Oleum Universal 11 oz. All Surface Metallic Pure Gold Spray Paint and Primer in One, on the office desk, handles and the handle on our built-in in our bedroom that we love as well. Also, helpful tip if you hate anything you spray or get drips then get lacquer thinner and it will take the paint right off with ease. Also when spray painting goes light it is better to do lots of light coats then 1-2 heavy ones. That can cause drips. 

Our old chandelier it was just too bulky. Our kitchen is just long so it took up to much visual space when looking into the kitchen for us. So when Adam was on board with the gold handles and we found a light that we both agreed on I knew I just had to go for it. I am SO glad I did! It is a perfect simple light but such a statement piece. So today West Elm is doing a good deal. They are doing 20% off with code SAVE20. Then also up to 70% off a lot of things. You can get our new light it is a mobile chandelier for just $223 with code SAVE20. Then if you have a local West Elm call them to see if they have what you want in stock if you don’t want to pay to have it shipped. We are OBSESSED with our new mobile chandelier. For us it just made our space feel cleaner lines and more modern. We loved our other one it was just a little to0 bulky for the way our kitchen is laid out. We wanted something more simple so we decided to change it up. I know a lof of you have asked me about my old one over time and for deals on it. Well they do not sell the chrome anymore but they do have 5-Jar Glass Chandelier – Antique Bonze for only $244, that is over $100 off if you love the antique Bronze color. We also used West Elms bulbs for this one we got the Edison bulbs.  Also For this new light, we got I do not buy bulbs from West Elm. I got 40 watts rather than 60 like it calls for it was just too bright with the 60. I got mine just at our local hardware store. All bulbs for under $15.

I am super excited to tell you about the next change! Our faucet oh my gosh I am sorry this thing has bugged me from day one. When we bought the home I just had them put in the cheapest on knowing I wanted to change it. I have not done so yet because they are expenses and I have wanted to spend money on other renovations. I  would have stuck with this thing for another year if it would not of broke! I am honestly glad it did haha. I had no choice to finally buck it up and buy another one. So, I got this baby on for only $60. I just checked today for you and it did go up a little it is $63.99 but still an amazing deal. I was super nervous buying one for this cheap! If you have looked for Faucets you know they are not cheap at Home Depot and Lowes for the Delta and other popular brands. So this one is called the WEWE Single Handle Dual Mode with Pause Function Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet, Brush Nickel  I decided for $60 I would just buy it and if it looked like crap then I would just send it back. Well, i have been so pleasantly surprised it looks SOOOO good you guys, and for the price, you can not beat it. Yes, it is an off brand but who cares it looks amazing and does a way better job than my last one that was a big name brand. This thing looks even better in person. It functions perfectly. It is crazy what even the look of a new faucet can do for the look of your kitchen. Our old one just looked so cheap to me. This one looks so nice and really changed the feel. 



So now we have new looking gold handles, new gold light, and new faucet. My total cost for this renovation was $98! I was able to take the money I got from selling our chandelier towards our new on and only pay $30 out of pocket for that new one. Then the price of the faucet and the spray paint. This just shows you that you don’t have to break the bank to make big changes in your kitchen. It is the little things if you willing to put in a little time you can totally do it! I can not wait to show you the next big thing we have wanted to do for our kitchen from day one! Hopefully, we will get it done this month! I think you guys are going to love it!

If case you were wondering what it looks like when we take pictures. 90% of the time Adam does things like this……. It takes us so long to actually get a desent picure not because of our kids but because of Adam….

Handles We have them in 9 5/8 for the drawers and 13 9/16 for the doors.

Gold Mobile Chandelier 

Gold Spray Paint


Hope you all have an amazing day. I love you all if you ever have any questions please feel free to email us or DM me 🙂



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