Laundry Room Before & After

Alright, you guys I know you love good before and afters! So today I am going show you a project Adam just did for my brother and sister in law. They wanted a more functional space for the laundry room. All you out there that do a lot of laundry you know we spend a lot of time in there! Nothing worse than going into an unorganized laundry room.  So to start off Adam did everything in the room white to brighten it all up. Walls ceilings and baseboards. If you have a small space white really helps to make it feel bigger and brighter. Then they wanted gray cabinets with wood floating shelves. She also wanted a wood table and open shelving. I am obsessed with how it turned out! Now it’s making me really want mine done!! So here are some before and after pics for you.


Pegboard wall unit (

If you have any questions just let us know. Hope this inspires you to get up and maybe do a small project. You CAN do it! Love you all hope you have an amazing day.




    Hey! They the wall unit is from Amazon. It’s called a white steel pegboards. I will link it in my blog on the bottom for you 🙂

  2. Heather

    Talk to me about those wall units with the wire baskets and ironing board! Those would be so perfect for my space and I’d love to know where to find them!

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