We Made It To Kauai Our First 2 Days On The Island Chill Daysssss

As you all know we sold our home. We are building another home but it will not be done until the end of September. So we have been living with family. So I decided why not just head to Hawaii for a couple weeks while were homeless anyways right??? One thing we never regret is spending time and money on and vacations we go on. Adam was able to work from home for the next couple weeks so this could be possible. He wakes up super early to work and do demos for his job but to be honest were up anyway. Day one Jovi woke up at 3:30 ready for the day. Each day she has slept in a little longer. Today we woke up at 5:30 so we felt like we got to sleep in. It’s so weird if I was home I would die if Jovi was waking up so early but here it is not even a big deal. That probably because were crashing at 8 pm and night as well. We wake up watch some cartoons eat breakfast and then head outside and walk around while Adams working.

We decided to come back to the same resort we were at 9 months ago. Its the Marriott Beach Club and honestly it is still our favorite. We just love the resort and everywhere you look it’s beautiful. Its central to everything but you still feel tucked away. Especially if you are coming with kids it’s just perfect.

I desperately needed a break. Its just needed to have family time with no distraction, It is also really good for our marriage. Life gets so busy and sometimes we get caught up in everything we “need to do”. Sometimes you need to take a step back then when you back to the hustle and bustle you feel more refreshed. A lot of people ask why we take our kids everywhere. Yes, traveling with kids is for sure harder than just going the 2 of us, but i also think it is good for the kids to come and we love it. Jovi and Beckham are kids and kids are not going to be perfect just because you are on vacation you just need to learn to go with the flow and take your trip day by day. It is more enjoyable that way.

first few days we just chilled and celebrated Adams birthday. Adam turned 32 on Tuesday so we just did pool and then for dinner we went to Dukes for there taco Tuesday and some ribs and it was AMAZING. Then of course we got a hula pie and ate it on the beach. Cant think of a more perfect place to celebrate a birthday that’s for sure.

Lots more of fun to come for us. Thanks for following along love you all.



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