Marriott Beach Club Resort In Kauai Hawaii

So I have had a lot of people who have asked me about the Marriott Beach Club that we stayed at in Kauai Hawaii. So I put together a post for you guys about it. First, off it was honestly one of our all time favorite resorts we have stayed at especially with kids. It was just perfect. The hotel was nice the rooms were nice and the ground all around the hotel was amazing. We loved everything about our stay in Kauai. We also loved because we were in the middle when we went to do activities we would choose to go up and around the island or down. So we did not feel like we were driving forever to see things we wanted it was a central location.

We also loved how there were a lot of food around that you could go and eat at. You guys we were about 5 mins from Costco and Walmart. So when we first arrived we asked them to bring us a microwave and they did! So even though we did not have a full kitchen we were able to go to Costco and Walmart to get snacks for the kids for breakfast and lunches for them. So on a lot of Kauai the beaches can by more shelly and what was so nice was at the Marriott Beach club the beach was SO soft. The sand was just perfect for the kids and the pools were amazing. We honestly loved everything about this resort. Every morning at 9 they feed to Coy fish. There are hundreds of coy fish in a pond that they give you fish food so you can feed them. They will come right up to you and eat it out of your hands! Jovi thought it was fun to touch them, Beckham, not so much. He LOVED feeding them just did not want to touch them.

If you are looking for an amazing vacation and looking to go to Kauai I would highly recommend the Marriott Beach Club. I honestly can not say enough good things about this resort. I am dreaming of being there now. Adam and I honestly ate Fish tacos and a cheeseburger every day there. Best fish taco’s ever.

Let’s also just take a second to talk about their beds….. No joke I came home and called to find out how I could order their bed to have at our house. Most comfortable bed i have ever sleep in!! View from our room.

The man behind the sand sculptures 🙂 

(This post is in no way sponsored by Marriott these are my true feelings and options on this resort) I love you all and hope you have an amazing day.



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