Modern Half Bath Reno

AHHH I am finally getting our half bath posted! You guys we just finished it! Sometimes we have to take breaks when doing project to do other things so sometimes it takes a while until everything is all done. That being said we got the tile done over 3 month ago then Adam had to build out the vanity. Then we have to buy all the decor for in there but its finally done! I could not love it more!

So we went back and forth with what to do with this bathroom. We had a vision for this bathroom from the min we bought the house but could not agree what way to take it. Adam really wanted black tile, me not so much. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the way it looks I just knew they would be a pain in the butt to keep clean. Adam said he would help keeping them clean………. hahahhahahahah ya like that will happen :). As you can see he won this one 🙂 We went with the black hexagon tile and yes I am obsessed with them and do love the way they look but yes I do have to clean them more often. Worth it though because its the exact look we were going for. We just love it paired with the white oak vanity and white sink. Adam custom built this vanity and we bough the sink at IKEA then I got the faucet on Amazon. Let’s talk about round mirrors! i just LOVE them. Its crazy though just a few inches can cost you SO much more money. I really want a little larger of a mirror but i would of had to pay and extra $100 for me I did not feel it was worth it. I just Love this one i found though and it only cost me $60!!! It is from Hobby Lobby. They are usually $119 but you can always used a 40% off coupon and a lot of time they will do 50% off mirrors whats when I got mine. I linked everything below for you guys. Hope you enjoy some of the before and after pictures.   

Here is a little peak of the mud room all done as well! I will post on this later this week! 

Black round mirror



Hexagon Tile (We got ours on for $6.70 sq You can also get them at HomeDepot They are $9.99 a sq foot.


Vanity Knobs

Shelf (Adam built it side brackets are from IKEA and spray painted black)

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do. So glad this room is finally done and now on to the next!!



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