Modern Mud-Room Make Over With Huge Built-Ins

Finally getting the mud-room up on the blog! So when we bought this home we closed on our home and got to work that night. We did not move anything in yet. We ripped out all the flooring on the main floor and put to hardwood. We also ripped out the half walls going up the stairs You can see that post here! After we got all our floors in we moved in 5 days later. After being in the home for about a week i knew the next thing we HAD to do was the Mudroom. I just could not deal with the cultter of peoples shoes coats and back-packs. We were orignally planning on doing our entertainment center first but i just could not deal even after a week! So i made Adam change plans and build us some beautiful built-ins. I just LOVED the ones He built us in our last home you can see HERE. So for this house our mud-room space is larger wo thankfully we were able to do even more cabinets. We decided to do these ones a little more narrow and do 5 More for us to grow into :). For now i just use one of them as a throw all 🙂 I just LOVE the drawers for shoes so everyone can easily put them away and i don’t have to see them. I also LOVE closed cubbies so they can hang up there jackets coats hats whatever they want in there cubby and I don’t have to see it! The door shuts and the mess is gone.

So This time around we decided we wanted the darkest gray so we went with Mid Night Gray from Jones paint n glass. Adam painted houses for 7 years so he knows how to use a spray gun. So we wanted a smooth cabinet finish so we did it in a laquar. It has the perfect smooth finish and just looks amazing. Tell me what you guys think.


Drawer Pulls 


Wood Flooring

Love you all hope you have an amazing day.



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