Modern Wood Deck

The deck is finally DONE! We were able to built the deck in about a week and then it took me about 3 weeks to stain it hahaha. You guys staining is the worst! I would work on it a couple hours a day while Adam was out of town. It took me about 12 hours to just stain it!! Oh well its done and we are in love! All in all it cost us around $2000 to do. We used the wood from our existing red wood deck top that was a 10×10. When we laid out how we wanted the tip to look we switched between the old wood and the new. Once stained we love the color variation of it.  The only thing we did not do our self was the main frame of the stairs. We actually paid a framer $150 and he came out and built them in about 3 hours for us. ( He was awesome if you are in Utah)  Then we did the railing and all that for it. Once we got everything done I sanded the whole thing from top to bottom to make everything smooth. We went about $600 over what we thought but worth it!  It took us about a week with extra 3 days becuase of the horzontial railing but we are so happy with how it turned out! If you have any questions on what we did feel free to email us. Also we used an oil based stain. You really want oil based not water base for decks. I got ours at home depot and we love the color. I have a picture of in at the bottom for you all if you want it! IMG_9864IMG_9852



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Adama and Lauren

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