Morning Books Every Child Needs

For all of you who asked about the books you see my kids doing I finally got it put tougher for you! So i just LOVE these books. They might take a little to put together but you can use them for all your kids! You can decided what pages you want to do and if you want to laminate them like i did or if you just want to print them off each day.

So to start i found these amazing books on this site called teachers pay teachers so it is teachers who have made awesome materials for there classes and they share it on this site for what i think is penny for others to buy the PDF and reuse there materials. I just LOVE it. So if you child is older or just little there is SO many different book and information you can put together to help you kids.

They have things from activities, work sheets, assignments, games, printable everything from morning routine books (The ones I LOVE, to Science, Math, Arts, English, All the way from Pre-K to 12th grade.

You will also need 3 ring binders and 3 whole punch for the sheets for the binders.
I got everything on amazon. below are all the links to everything.

Below is where you can buy so many awesome things for kids.

Card Stock

Laminating machine

Laminating pouches

Round dots Velcro

Velcro strips

So if you have a printer then you just print these all off at home.

It is a little time consuming doing these but they are worth it especially if you laminate them because you can use them for all kids and have forever.

Love you all hope this helps some of you. Hope you have an amazing day!



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