Never trust a boogie MOM FAIL

So it all started a couple weeks ago…. I told Adam I thought Jovi had bad breath. He smelled it and said she smelled fine. I kept smelling it, and it was not the fresh baby’s breath I love. Days go by and I am still smelling this bad breath. About a week later, I tell Adam again she has bad breath, and once again he does not smell anything. So now at this point, I just think I am being crazy. About 4 days before our trip to Hawaii, I said ok Babe she is seriously going to be one of those girls that have chronic bad breath. The poor thing she is going to be a cute girl but no one is going to want to get close to her because her breath smells so bad! That day Adam got a whiff of it and said ok it’s not the best. So Adam says to me well this is the first time I am smelling it so maybe it’s something she ate today. I have been smelling this for a week and a half now thinking I am losing my mind. Then I notice a boogie in her nose. I was out and could not get it out. When I got home I forgot about it. This happened over the next couple days I would forget about it when I would be in a place where I could get it out.

So now we and her boogie have all made it to Kauai. On Thursday, Adam got her out from her nap and brought her down to the pool and said her breath was so bad he almost could not take it. I smelt her and she smelt like a dead fish. My heart is breaking for her thinking she is always going to just have horrible breath.  I then took to the INTERNET!!!! Last time we were in Hawaii when we found out about JoJo’s duck feet. Thankfully she is doing much better after braces to help correct them. So I am thinking what the heck is wrong every time we come to Hawaii we find out something about Jovi. The INTERNET says if a baby has bad breath it could be an underlying serious illness. I am thinking oh well this is great. So now I am super worried so I decided to text me family in a group text. I said hey guys why is it anytime I come to Hawaii I get bad new about Jovi??? They all asked what was going on. I said well she has horrible bad breath. Like not just bad now it smells like something died in her mouth bad. Everyone is spitting off ideas. Rachael says I just need to brush her teeth. Jamie asked if there something caught in her nose? I laughed and said no… then I said well she has had a boogie I have needed to get out for the last 4 days I just can’t reach it. We were at the beach playing at this point I then just let it be. Just non-stop thinking the worst about our sweet little angel.

Later that night I decided while nursing her and she was almost asleep I keep thinking ok I need to look at the boogie. She smelt so bad I just could not take it anymore. So I took my phone light and looked up her nose. Then I see it…… ITS NOT A BOOGIE!!!! It’s a freaking piece of foam! She has a piece of foam lodged in her nose. Then, of course, I am feeling like the most horrible mother ever. I could not let that thing sit in her nose for one more min.  I tried everything to get that stupid thing out. At this point, she is exhausted and annoyed I keep digging at her noise. Everyone in the hotel probably though we were killing our kids because she would scream so loud from anger on and off. I then decided to call around to see who could get it out and the only thing open was the local ER. That would cost us about $600 to have it removed! So we thought ok let’s try one more time blowing in her mouth and plugging the other side of her nose to get it out. So Adam held her while I blew 3 times then she’s crying and then Adam starts yelling you got it!! This is not an excited yell you got it, it’s a freaked out oh my gosh you got it. I look up and hurry and grab Jo to comfort her in relief that I got it out and look up at Adam………… He has the most horrified look on his face. I look down at his shirt and the thing that was stuck in her nose is now sticking to his chest. He then is now freaking out telling me to get it off of him. I then can’t stop laughing and trying to get my phone to take a picture of it. He tells me to get this off of him now!! He was about to throw up. You guys the smell of this thing. It felt like it filled the room with a rotten fish smell. It was so bad. So get got a napkin and got it off of himself. I mean because I am only holding the baby and he had 2 hands-frees telling me to get it off of him….. hahaha. Needless to say, we were BEYOND relieved to get that thing out of her noise.

I was able to finally get her to bed an hour and a half later poor girl was exhausted and worn out. While Adam and I are laying by each other after we have both kids to bed. I said man all I can smell is the rotten fish smell. He goes well ya you were blowing on her face and so some of the leftovers probably got on your face. I mean I love you and want to snuggle but I just can’t right now your face smell like that thing. hahaha We both laughed pretty good because we could not stop smelling it. I laughed a little harder replaying how he reacted to it. Needless to say, if you child has something stuck in his nose only use the method of blowing on their mouth and plugging the other side of the noise to get it out. It worked for us! I have also learned my lesson to never trust a boogie in a child noise, always look a little closer to make sure it is actually a boogie…..



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