Oahu Cliff Jumping In Oahu Waimea Bay

Oh my gosh you guys, so I am so sorry I am so beyond behind in everything hahah I sometimes feel I am floating by and going day by day. So that being said I never got all our favorite spots up from our trip to Hawaii. So I am going to try and get those up for you guys for those who keep asking. So today i am showing you one of our favorites! This spot is on the Island of Oahu it is at Waimea Bay. We just LOVE it there. Keep in mind though depending on the time of year you go there could be huge waves at this beach! Not a beach you will just sit and let the kids run in and out of if you have little ones. We go there because we LOVE to just the cliffs. Beckham has been asking us to go cliff jumping from the last time we were in Kauai. He loved to watch daddy and always wants to do it but would get to scared. So this time we said if were going your jumping! Sure enough he did and he loved it! The best part is he every time he would jump he would beg to go up again but every time we took him up he would look over the edge and say ok never mind I don’t want to jump. EVERY SINGLE TIME except the very last time he jumped. (He jumped that cliff 8 times.) He just loved it but when we would get to the top and look down he was like nope I am out! hahahaha We are not the parents that let you back out of something we know you love and keep asking to do so Adam would sit up there and encourage him to do it over and over and over again.

Also apparently if you have croup (Beckham did when we got to Oahu) This was on our 3rd day there they told us that he needs to swim in the ocean and the salt water would clear him up. Well guess what after that day he was so much better! For real I guess he snorted a LOT of water everytime he jumped to help clear him out. We sure love our brave little boy and so proud of him for over coming his fear over and over and over again. All the still talks about is when we going to Hawaii again so we can go cliff jumping.


Love you all XOXOXO


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