Rad Swim Suit & Polihale State Park Beach

Ok, you guys! Today I am going to talk about one of our favorite beaches and my newest more favorite swimsuits! So if you are making a trip to Kauai a beach we recommend that was great is the Polihale State Park. You will literally drive as far as you can until you reach a dirt road then. You will drive on a dirt road for about 3.5 miles. You can make it even in a rental car you just need to go slow. If you have more of an SUV the better but you can still make it in a car. It has an Isolated white sand beach with rough waters, though. If you are looking for a beach with a beautiful backdrop and soft sandy beaches, this is it. We loved it. We had to keep a close eye on the kids though because the waves were insane. So fun to see and watch and play, though. We did not get deep in the waved just played with the ones breaking on the shoreline. The sand is so soft and the most beautiful backdrop. Jovi loves the wave and water. She would get mad at us when we would pick her up or I like to think to save her from getting pounded by the waves. We love it though it was amazing. There was a surfer that keep getting pulled in from a jet ski it was so fun to watch.



Ok, let’s talk swimsuit! I got so many messages asking where this swimsuit was from. It is from Rad Swim Wear. If you are planning a trip or need a swim suit I would highly recommend this suit! I can honestly say it is the most comfortable suit I own. It is also the most flattering. I am obsessed with it. it fits in just the right place.

So I order the Breanne Floral Peplum SwimsuitI got a Small top and a Medium bottom in the classic bottoms. If you want a high waist bottom they also have those as well for you who need more coverage for your tummy! It also has an underwire so great for all you busy girls! Also for all your mammas that just had a baby or are going to have a baby before summer this is the perfect fit to had that wonderful after baby belly! The bottoms are totally reversible as well! 

Naked baby and top knot have me  in love! 

Here are some crappy mirror pictures of the suit. But you can see how it fits. The bottoms are also reversible. Also my room I mean………. it is trashed.

My swimsuit (Rad Swim)

Jovi’s Swim (Target)

Beckhams Swim (Target)

Adams Swim (Volcom)

I love you all thanks for following hope you have an amazing day.



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