Seattle baby!!

Its FRIDAY!!! I hope you all are gong to have an amazing weekend! We got home 2 days ago and just getting back into our routine. Still dreaming about our Seattle trip. Any time Adam travels there for work to places we love I always try to plan an go with the kids because why not! So we stayed at the Marriott Renaissance Seattle Hotel. We did LOVE our room I do have to say that. If you are planing to go there though right now there is a building on the West side that is being built and is under construction. So if you do stay there make sure you REQUEST not to be sleeping on the west side. They told us that construction noise starts at 6am!! So we stayed in a 1 bedroom on the corner of the North East side on the 18th floor. We had an amazing view and the room was AMAZING. If you are going to go Seattle and stay down town we also love the Hilton.  I loved our room and our hotel at the Marriott but we also loved the Hilton that is a couple blocks closer to all the shopping.

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It is funny because in Utah everyone has a million kids but when  you go out side of Utah I feel like everyone looks at you funny if you are out and about with your kids. I had multiple people ask me are you doing everything your self with your kids? I was like UHHHH yeah. Life is no different when we travel from when we are home. I still get out and do stuff with the kids when Adam is working. The key to being successful with traveling with kids for me is planning ahead always having snacks and water and a place for them to sit when tired.

I take our stroller EVERYWHERE. Yes Beckham is old enough to walk but when you have those tiny little legs they are making 3 times as many strides as I am when we walk around the city. I can’t expect him to alway want to walk everywhere and be happy about it. Yes could make him but I like to make thing easier on my self and prevent tired melt downs because a child is tired.  I also ALWAYS have a carried for Jovi. So that way I am hands free when chasing after Beckham and she is happy up agents me. I just got a new one it’s called the Mia Mily I am in LOVE with it. I will do a post on this in a few weeks with a discount code for all my readers!!!IMG_2618

Good Eats

Ok So there are 3 places that we LOVE and feel they are a MUST if you are visiting Seattle. First The Crab Pot. Ok this place is amazing!! They do bring you out the most delicious loaf of bread for a starter and then we also get the crab stuff mushrooms they are amazing. Then we get the King Crab Legs (One Half pound) It also comes with red potatoes and corn on the cob. It is enough food for us to share. It is so fun for the kids as well because they put the food right on the table. Then everyone gets a mallet to hammer the crab legs. Beckham was in heaven being able to hammer all the crab and get the meat out. IMG_2450 2 copyDSC_0036

Second place you NEED to eat at is called Sea town sea bar and rotisserie OH MY GOSH you have to order the Crab BLT. I can not say enough good things about it. So this is a place Adam comes to EVERY time he is in Seattle and orders this sandwich. So i though ok I guess will get it. He talks as it’s the best thing ever and I did not believe him hahahahah man was I wrong! It is the BEST BLT you will EVER eat. Yes it is crab but no it does not taste supper fishy. (I don’t like sea food much) The bread is the perfect amount of softness to crunch. Also lets just take a min to talk about the BACCON mmmmmmm bacon they do not skimp on the bacon. It is the perfect thickness and taste delicious. My mouth is watering right now just writing about this sandwich this is no joke! Adam gets the homemade chips on the side that are delicious I got the salad and I can’t say enough good things about it as well. IMG_2358 copy

Alright third place is called MOD Pizza. This place is awesome especially with kids. So it was just a couple blocks from us so we would just call in our order pick it up and eat in our hotel room. The pizza is perfect and there salads are also awesome. We got the Mad Dog and the Jasper Then Beckham got the cheese. All of them were delicious. So there is called the Mod pizza that is just the single crust more of a thin crust then there is the MEGA Mod That is a double up on the crust and it is Delicious as well! I would say get one of each! So any pizza you order you can do it Regular with the Mod or go for the MEGA Mod. IMG_2436 copy IMG_2513 copy IMG_2514 copy

Then of course you must have dessert right????? So the most delicious ice cream is from Seattle Bay Creamery it is right next to the Crab Pot. It is delicious we got the classic mint chocolate chip because anything we get lately Beckham wants it to be green! Luckily for us mint chip is one of the best flavors 🙂 Beckham gave me kisses and it made it so I had an ice cream mustache and he thought that was the most hilarious thing ever. 123 4

Good Activities with kids. 

If you got to Seattle in the summer you MUST go to International Fountain This thing is AMAZING. It is huge! So fun for the kids to play at. Beckham thought it was SO fun. Then just up a little walk away is the most amazing park that is any kids dream. IMG_2501 copy IMG_2505 copy1415IMG_2498 copy

Pike street is way fun they have the Public Market there as well. There are just little shops along there with food and souvenirs.  We alway like to get fresh fruit if you are there in the summer you MUST get the cherries.  They also have the most amazing flavored apple cider. I am not a huge fan of apple cider but this stuff is amazing. 7 6 58

Then the Gum wall that is right next to the Market Beckham though it was cool he could not believe the entire ale was filled with gum.  10129

Then You can also ride the Ferice wheel. We did not do that this trip we did it last and it was really fun we did it at night. Best time to do it would be at sun set. But we looked at it and Beckham and Adam were able to watch jelly fish below in the water. There is also the Ferry boat to ride. We did not do that this time because it was a hot week we were there and did not want to be stuck on a boat in the heat 🙂 25

Then we just loved going up and down the street and exploring everything.


I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. We love you all and thanks for following



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