Stair Well Make-Over

Oh my goodness I got so many questions when I posted on this wall before. Now I am showing you guys the new light I got to finish off the space! Going up our stairs there is this large wall that I could not figure out what we wanted to do to fill the space. It took me a while but I finally figured out what I wanted. That would be pictures of my babies, I could see every day going up and down the stairs. These prints cost me $3 yes you read that right $3 a print! They are 24×36 engineer prints. They are so cheap because they are black and white prints on a large paper. I got mine done at alpha graphics in Lehi. This is the easiest thing you can do you guys.

I sat my kids on a chair backed up to a blank wall, talked some potty talk and got them to giggle and smile. I then edited them in the free program Lightroom on my phone. Turning them to black and white. I then emailed them to alpha graphics and pick up the prints when they were done. So simple and easy! They are such a statement on my wall and we love everything about them.

I also got my frames at Ikea they cost me $19.95 each. This project cost me total $95 for 4 large prints including my frames you guys! This is such a good deal and perfect for any space. It makes such a statement and I just love seeing those cute little mugs when I go up and down my stairs.

Then a couple weeks ago an amazing deal popped up on the perfect chandler you can find HERE that I could not pass up. This is on sale for $94 you guys! So many people ask if it is hard to switch out light. They answer is yes and no. Is it hard no, does it take time yes. Swapping out a boob light with a simple light takes me about 35-45 mins. This chandler was much larger and took me about 2.5-3 hours to swap out. Changing out lights is not hard. Make sure your light switch is off and you are literally just lining up the correct wires. Usually they are



Hope you all have an amazing day,



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