Stuff Stopper A Product Every Home Needs!

Hey, you guys. So today I am excited to tell you about a product that our good friends have designed. They are on Kickstarter right now so you can get a big discount! Also doing a giveaway over on facebook and Instagram to get one for free! So it is called Stuff Stopper. It is one of those things you will think why didn’t I think of this! If you sick of getting crap stuck under your appliances this is the perfect product for you. Or if you a clean freak and hate just the thought of knowing that there is just dust and grime and crumbs under you appliances this will really help with that. I hate when you can see food, crumbs or little toys that get caught under my oven. They are close enough that I can see them, but to far under for me to reach them! Casey and Shelly have designed a product called Stuff Stopper to stop all that crap from going where you can no longer reach! Head over to their Kickstarter to learn more about it!

The best part is you don’t even ever see in under your appliance but it just stops crap from going under them. I personally have it on my oven and my washer and dryer. It honestly actually makes my appliances look better because it does not have that gap in the bottom. They are selling them on Kickstarter for supper cheap you guys. So go support them! If you want a chance to win one for free it is super easy just head over to our facebook or Instagram page. (ProjectWeekley)

Get yours here! Stuff Stopper

Love you all hope you have an amazing day.


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