The BEST T-Shirt Dress

I hope everyone is having a good Monday so far. Hunting season has started in our house so i guess that mean my shopping season starts right??????? So I keep getting asked about my pink dress I wore in Seattle and it is on SALE right now! Thanks to my amazing and beautiful friend Kacie who I saw wearing this dress I knew i HAD to have it. I am so glad I bought it! So go and snag your self one of the most comfortable dresses you will put on! I love it because it is just a regular t-shirt dress but this one has a cute knot detail on it.

I am 5’9 and I got the size 6 in the TALL dress. I honestly could of gotten away with the size 4 as well I just wanted it way loose and it is.  Yes this one is confusing because this dress comes in PETTIE, Regular and TALL . The tall is on sale for $31.44 others are $45.14. If you are taller make sure you are getting the one that says TALL.

Also my shoes are from Express I got them in seattle on sale for $11!! So check your local express to see if they have them they are so comfortable! 
32 3031 36 35

I love you all thanks for following for you have and amazing Monday.



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