Tunnels Beach Kauai My Heave on Earth

Our day at Tunnels Beach! You guys this is honestly one of our favorite beaches. every where you look it’s just amazing! They have amazing snorkeling and great for body surfing and buggie boarding. So If you are planning to go to tunnels beach. There are 2 off streets before you get to the tunnels beach parking lot try and get a spot on one of those 2 roads on the right side, because if you do then you will walk right down to the beach where there is awesome snorkeling rather than over where there are big waves. If you cant get a spot then you just have to walk a lot further.

If you are making a snorking trip with kids i highly recommend these full face snorkel masks we bough to bring on this trip. It makes it so as if they kids are breathing normal and they dont get water in the tuba all the time. They are amazing. I just got some cheap ones off amazon for aout $25 each and they have held up great there are nicer ones that range between 60-$120. I felt it was not worth it for what were would be doing with the kids. For us these have been just perfect and Beckham LOVES his. Jovi is still to young her little face is to small for it. We got the s/m for Beckham and the L/XL for us. If you are buying more than one they have a coupon on amazon for 30% off if you buy 2 or more!

Masks HERE

Jovis Swim Suit (ON SALE $6.98!)

Beckham’s Swim suit

My Swim Suit (Target Sold out online 🙁 )

Adams Swim suit (H&M in store only)

Snorkle Mask

Today we are going to just spend the day swimming and enjoying the resort and the pools. Thank you everyone who messaged me for things to do Oahu were so excited to go and see so many things on the Island of Oahu!



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