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Hey guys this is a more personal post. I keep having people ask me what I  do for my work outs what I eat and things that I take. I am not one to share thing I am taking but I know a lot of people who are struggling as I was and this will help a lot of you out there. So I decided to post about it. This is for MEN and WOMEN. So about 5 months ago I started taking a product my mom gave me called Pruvit or Keto//OS full-time.Me 1

If you know my mom then you know she is amazing she is a nutritionist and is aways looking for amazing HEALTHY products. She her self has her own line of whole food all natural supplements that she has had for years. She is the most knowledgeable woman I know when it comes to health and nutrition. If she does not know it she will spend hours and hours trying to find an answer for you. This product is one that has been by far her best find for me! So for ME it has helped me with my energy, appetite control and anxiety. There is a long list of other things it will and is helping people with but this is just what the biggest things it has done for me.

So my whole life I have always been a worrier. I got Ulcers at a young age because I stress and worry about everything! As I have gotten older one thing that has alway stuck with me is my dad say “It is what it is” do the best you can do and that’s all you can do. So I have honestly said that phrase over and over in my head through out my life when I get stressed. This is why I also love to work out. It helps me to relieve stress and for me it is me time. I don’t like working out at home. Yes if I have to I will but I don’t get the same relief I do as when I go to the gym. There is something for me about being able to leave the house and take an hour just for my self and work out. When I have woken up early before the kids are awake is better but I am not good at doing that.

I am one who try’s to keep a healthy life style I work out and I try to eat healthy but man am I an emotional eater. I find comfort in food. I know I am not alone in this one. It is so hard!! Eating healthy ALL the time is just impossible for me. I do the best I can but I am sorry I can’t live my life counting calorie and feeling restricted I just can’t do it.  I also hated the consistent yoyo I would feel. I have a sweet tooth like no ones business. I love anything with sugar in it. This Keto//OS is amazing for me because it takes away my sugar and carb cravings. It’s the weirdest thing for me. I can look at that food and just think oh i am ok with out it i don’t need that. It does not tempt me like it aways has in that past.

The problem is with being an emotional eater when I would eat those crappy food’s is I feel good while eating them but then after I feel even worse. No just my self-esteem like I should not of eating that I feel terrible I feel bloated and just like crap. What do you do though it’s a horrible addiction you have and it am sorry it is just to hard to not to fall in when you had a bad day or something is just not going your way.  That’s the problem with junk food its the worst drug out there I say it is so easy to get.

So I  started taking this product Pruvit or Keto//OS because my mom thought it would help me with my energy and other things. It has helped me in SO many way! It has taken my cravings away it curves my appetite and for me the most importantly it give me ENERGY, and not that glittery energy you get when you take a pre-work out. Or other weight loss products. It is a good energy like a normal energy. Energy I should be feeling. I feel normal I can get things done I have motivation I don’t feel like I am going to just roll over and DIE every day at 2pm.

When I got pregnant with Beckham I have had to get B12 shots. I was so low in energy I just felt like dying. I would always say I fell like a zombie. That has continued even after I had him. So I was having to give me self HIGH dose of B12 shots because I did not take well to the pills. The B12 made a dent in my energy and helped me that’s for sure but this product has not only given me more and way BETTER energy but so many other benefits to it. You can take it pregnant and nursing as well. I no longer take per-work out before I go to the gym and I no longer have to get B12 shorts I take my Keto//OS and I am good to go. I work out hard and longer then I ever did on anything else. You also do NOT have to work out when on this just do exactly what you’re doing now and you will still see lot of amazing benefits!

That being said if you want more information about KETO//OS go HERE and click on the table that says “How it works” it is a quick video to explain how Keto//OS works. If you want to try it my mom is doing an awesome deal for people. You can get a pack of 5 for $25 it has all 3 flavors in it so you can try them all to see what ones you like the best and decided if it is something that helps you for a minimal cost and see if this is something you want to buy. This is an awesome deal you guys because online you can get their trail packs and it comes with 3 for $25 and they are all 3 the same flavor. My mom has put together a pack of 5 with all 3 flavors! It is so awesome of her because it lets you try out each one so you can see what you like before you buy a whole moth supply. What else is awesome about this company is when you do buy your first container as well they do a money back guarantee if you try it and it’s not for you can get your money back with in 30 day!

My favorite is the Keto Max it has twice as much Ketones in it as the others. So I only take 1/2 a pack a day and that is enough for me. So a 20 servings actually last me 40 servings. I am not the brains behind all of this I just take it and know it works for me. My mom is though! So she is happy to help you with any questions you have and help you with anything you need to be successfully with what ever you are trying to accomplish. If you are interested in doing this PM me ( and I will get you to my mom and she can help you get started and try this amazing product. Like I said if you want to just try it out you will get 5 packs for only $25! That is a deal just my mom offers though so you will need to PM me for that one. If you want to just get started and have enough to last you a month just go HERE.Keto

As I am mom I know we are all trying to do our best in life and for me if I have to pay for something that makes my life easier and better you better believe I will be paying for it. I am happier more energetic person for my kids and husband since I have gotten on this stuff and I will never stop taking it. You deserve to be happy and feel good and happy. I hope this helps some of you who are struggling. I love you all and hope you have an amazing day. If you have any questions feel free to email me ( Me 3

WATCH VIDEO HERE TO LEARN MORE Click on tab that says “How it works” in the middle of the page.




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