Family Room Make over Part 1!

So today, I am doing a post for you guys on updating our family room and de-stuffing throw pillows and re-stuffing your couch. So ever since we moved in, I have not totally loved our family room. We do a little at a time.  It is so hard for me to find things I love for decorating. So we have done stuff little by little, and we’re getting there slowly to the way we want it! So here is part one of Family room Make over!

So we have wood floors though out the whole main floor in our house. So in the family room, I could not for the life of me find a rug big enough to fit the space that I liked. We needed up going to RC Willey and getting a carpet remnent, then we had the hem the edges, so it was more rug like. I really wanted something thicker, so it is more comfortable for the kids and when we lay on the floor. I still never liked the look, I thought it needed more.

So I decided to take our cow hid rug from the office to see how we would like it. Well we love it! It just gives it that more “modern feel” we are going for. Tell me what you guys think though!

Then the Pillows… Oh my gosh, please tell me I am not alone when I have to buy a million pillows and bring them home to see how they look. Then I end up returning most of them to only be on the hunt for more pillows for the next month! I have so many throw pillows! For me, throw pillows are the hardest thing to find. So I found these pillows at Home Good in SLC. They were supper stuffed though! I personally don’t like a totally square pillow where it is just stuffed to the max and just looks like a square on your couch. So I de-stuffed them. At the bottom, I will show you how to not only de-stuff your pillow to make it look more comfortable and give it more style, but if that couch is sagging to RE-STUFF that saggy couch to bring it back to looking new! Also the bats are for Halloween Beckham and I made them today out of card stock and I LOVE them supper easy to do.


Modern Family Room

BEFOREIMG_6867Halloween BatsCow Hide Rug Modern Family Room 1Modern Family Room 2

Curtains are from Target On sale for $17.61 for 108 length

Pillows are from Home Goods. Here are some that look almost identical from William Sonoma Use code HOLIDAY for 20% off. Also some from OverStock that are $34.

I got the white ones in a pack of 2 for $19 at Marshall’s

Cowhide Rug I got on KSL but here is a similar one on sale

Picture Frames are Ikea

Ottoman is a vintage piece from Brigham Young Universality in 1960. I am so sorry I have tried to find one like it and i just can’t find anything! I will keep you all posted if i find anything close.


De-Stuffing Pillows

Hey you guys so i don’t know about you but i have the hardest time finding pillows I like! Not only that when i get them home I fill like they are all stuffed to the max. They are way to full for me so they just look like big squares on your couch. I like my throw pillows to be not so full. They just have a more relaxed look and look a lot better. So I keep buying these pillows and just not liking the way they look.

Then it hit me just de-stuff them!! I loved the look of all these expensive pillows have and they are more relaxed looking. So why can’t I do that! So some of the pillows you get will have zippers and you can just unzip and pull the stuffing out. Other though are all sewn up with no zipper.

So what you need to do is look for the out side sticking Every pillow has about 3 inches where it was sowed on the outside of the pillow. That is where you un-stich. Then most pillow will have thin fabric where the stuffing is inside that you will also need to unstich to get the stuffing out. This is a cheap and free fix to make you pillows look a lot better and more custom. Pillow 2Pillows 1

Re-Stuffing Couch

Ok so we have had our couch for 2 years but if you have a couch that you sit in a lot well with in time it starts to go flat. It is not look as good. So I decided that it needed to change and I wanted it to look puffy and new again. You guys its SOOOOO easy! This only cost me $20 and it took me about 25 mins to do all my cousins. I also did my sisters for her because we have the same couch and hers was about 3 years old and hers looks amazing. My sisters were more dramatic than mine but mine still look a lot better. Below is of my sister couch. They way her couch is set the kids climb over the back all the time and so that is why hers are so much worse than mine. Just shows you though add a little more stuffing and it makes a huge difference. This is the Before picture on the Left and the After picture on the left of my sisters couch. This cheap fix mad her couch look new. Also WAY more comfortable.
Couch 4So to start. All you need is Poly Fill. So I got the 10 pound box at Walmart for $20. That is the cheapest way to it. You can buy the small bag for like $5 but that adds up fast! This box was only $20 the only place I could find it was Walmart. So all you need to do is un zip and start stuffing. Just make sure to stuff all around the corners and the top stuff until you feel it is full enough. zip up and look to see how it looks to decided if you need to add more filling or not. Its just that easy!!

Couch 3

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions please let me know! I love you all and thank you for following.



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