Farm House Shed Built In A Weekend

Oh my goodness this shed we built in a weekend. Then I got sick and was not able to paint it for a week after that of course…… I am so happy this one is done though. I was in the middle of starting our retaining wall, on the side of our house. When Adam went to start his next build. He called in his wood on Friday morning to be picked up. To find out they were doing inventory. That being said Adam could not buy any wood until Monday morning.

Well we did not want to wast a weekend. We decided we would hurry and get this shed done. So I put my wall on hold, and off to Home depot and lows we went to get all our materials.

So if you know anything about us you know Adam works from home and builds out of our garage. Well his main shop was in the 2 car garage, and he was always using the 3rd car for a spray booth. Needless to say all our stuff was so dusty all the time. Adam would also hate having to take the toys in and out of the garage every day. So we decided we needed more space. We needed somewhere to put the kids toys. Also the lawn mower and gardening tools. We decided we needed a shed. We did not want just any shed though. We wanted something that was supper functional and had more space vertical. We also wanted it to look good of course right???

All the shed’s you can buy are about 6-7 feet tall. We could not find one to fit the width space we needed. We could not find one that would fit in the only space we had available to put a shed. We had a space just behind our 3rd car garage that was about 6 feet wide and 12 feet long. So we decided we would just build a shed to fit this space perfect and go higher to give us more storage space. So the shed we decided to build was 6 feet wide 12 feet tall and in the back it is almost 11 feet and in the front of the shed around 9 feet, we did this slope for water run off.

If you don’t know how to frame then you can pay a framer to come and do this. We were quoted $350 to build out plus material. This is just framing. The person we were going to use could not get to it for about 2 month and we did not want to wait so we decided to just do it our selfs. Framing materials cost us about $450 that included the door that was about $180.

Then we wanted to have this shed match our home perfectly so no one would ever know it was a shed. We have a white farm house, our home is wrapped in hardie board. So of course we needed to do the same for this shed. The cost for the hardie board and hardie trim about was $450

We then had the roof material and paint this was about an additional $350 or so. Our total for everything was between $1200-1300. This is with us doing everything our self’s. if you did the exact same as us. I hope this help to give you an idea of cost.

First we started to frame out the space. We measure our walls for with and height and framed out the 2×4’s.
This is the first wall framed and up.
We used treated lumber for the bottom so it’s more weather resistant.
Now all the wall’s and door are framed. We then started to add the roof that was 2×6’s
We were putting it to the house so we added a 2×6 agent the house then did brackets and screwed them to the board we attached to the house.
Once everything was all framed out we then started to put up the sheeting and they are 4×8 OSB sheets.
We also added that to the roof so the whole shed has the 4×8 ohs sheeting.
Next we wrapped the sides in the Tyvek, it is a weather barrier.
WE then started to wrap it with the 4×8 hardie boards.
Next we started on the roof. We put down this black roofing material over the 4×9 OSB sheets. We added metal trim around the whole upper top. Agents the house and then added a black roofing trim around all the sides so water runs off. Then it was time to start adding the roofing.
You just stack them but make sure your patterns done line up on each line.
Next we added the hardie trim. these were 1 x 2.5 x 8’s we used. This is what was on our house so we wanted everything to match perfect. We had to do the top sides and bottom in a 4×8 hard as you can see. Then we did the 1 x 2.5 x 8.
Then it was time to calk in all the lines.
First i started with an black exterior paint and painted the upper trim. Then I did a white outdoor paint that matched my house.
Once we got the shed all don’t we started to add all out stuff to hang toys. I forgot to get a before picture.
That’s a wrap this was our Shed we built in a weekend! Hope if give your inspiration for your next project or shed! Sheds don’t have to be an eye sore on the side of your house they can look good! Next I will be adding plants in front of the shed as well. can’t wait to show you the next update!

XOXOXO, Love you all


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